For an unapproved master’s degree program, Blue Crest University fined

For an unapproved master’s degree program, Blue Crest University fined

Following the November 18, 2021 Press Statement by the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) to the BlueCrest University College that defiantly enrolled students to study for an unapproved master’s degree program in Information Technology in Liberia, the NCHE hereby notifies the public about punitive measures that have been taken against the BlueCrest University College as a deterrent for any other tertiary institution that may be involved in such prohibited practices.

In a press release issued in Monrovia and approved by Professor Edward Lama Wonkeryor, PhD DIRECTOR GENERAL / NCHE, the NCHE says the BlueCrest University College in Liberia is fined $10,000.00 (Ten Thousand United States Dollars) or its equivalent in Liberian dollars.

This amount must be paid in full to the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), and evidence (receipt) of payment to the LRA must be submitted to the office of the Director General within fifteen days, as of 22nd November 2021.

“The BlueCrest University College’s application for Master in Information Technology to the NCHE has been denied. The application for a graduate program and all processes previously pursued by the BlueCrest University College with conditions and recommendations proffered by the NCHE have been cancelled.

That, if the BlueCrest University College desires to reengage the NCHE in the future regarding application for any graduate studies in Liberia, it must reapply, and the application will be handled as a fresh start. This will subject the BlueCrest University College to all appropriate reassessments in accordance with the Standards and Policy of the NCHE for regulating higher education institutions,” the NCHE asserts.

The NCHE warns that if the BlueCrest University College fails to comply with any or all of the above punitive measures and decisions by the NCHE, the office of the Director General will be left with no other options, but to recommend the BlueCrest University College in Liberia to the Board of Commissioners of the NCHE for permanent closure, or to request for the resignation of its president from the Board of Trustees of the BlueCrest University College.

Meanwhile, the NCHE adds that the public and interested persons are hereby cautioned not to transact any business with the BlueCrest University College regarding graduate studies, or the Master’s program in Information Technology Liberia.

The NCHE was established as an autonomous agency of the Government of Liberia to serve as the arm of Government, and charged with the regulation and supervision of higher education activities in the country.

The Legislative Act of the Commission authorizes the Commission to formulate broad policy guidelines for the establishment of institutions of higher education in Liberia, and to coordinate and serve as the principal liaison between institutions of learning commencing from the Post-Secondary level; monitor, evaluate, and accredit all institutions of higher learning; approve new and existing programs of higher education for funding, after having satisfied itself of their needs for national development; and, review existing programs at higher education institutions to establish priority programs of study based on national needs.

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