LRA achieves 50% of its target in the 2022 Fiscal Budget 

LRA achieves 50% of its target in the 2022 Fiscal Budget 

The Commissioner General- Designate of the Liberia Revenue Authority(LRA) ,Thomas Doe-Nah, has disclosed that the LRA has achieved fifty-percent of its target in the 2022 Fiscal Budget.

Appearing before the Senate Committee on Ways, Means and Finance on Monday, August 29, 2022, for confirmation hearing, the Commissioner General- designate, Thomas Doe-Nah, said:” Of the total revenue envelope of eight-hundred-nine million, domestic revenue accounts for six-hundred-forty-nine-point-five million US Dollars.”

He added that of the six-hundred-forty-nine-point-five million US Dollars, the LRA has collected fifty-point-two-percent of the amount as of June 2022.

The Commissioner General- designate maintained that the LRA is making everything possible to ensure that the total amount is collected.

Mr. Doe-Nah noted that the entity’s success is due to its coordinated efforts geared towards building a robust digital eco-system, and curtailing fraud occasioned by smuggling and tax evasion.
The Commissioner General designate named the improvement of payment channels, enhancement of tax payer’s engagements and staff capacity building as strategies employed to achieve its goals.

Established in 2013, the Liberia Revenue Authority is in charge of administering and enforcing the revenue laws for the purpose of assessing, collecting, auditing and accounting for all national revenues and to facilitate legitimate international trade and customs border management-enforcement.

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