Amb. Wills And Min. Tweah Signing The Agreement Amb. Wills And Min. Tweah Signing The Agreement

France Provides Grant of 10M Euros to Liberia Featured

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - In a bid to enhance growth in technical vocational educational and training (TVET) the Government of the Federal Republic of France has provided a grant of 10 million Euros to the Liberian government.

The grant is intended to support the national policy of TVET that will lead to the empowerment and employment of Liberia youth in different fields of TEVT trainings.

The project will be developed by the Institute of European Corporation and Development (IECD) in close collaboration with the Ministries of Youth and Sports and Education to support TVET policy and develop income generation in the agricultural sector for a duration of five years.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, French Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Terence Wills, said the initiative is intended make young people see agriculture as a means of finance.

According to him, the signing of the agreement will not only both TVET sector, but will make Liberians, especially the youthful population to gain employable skills for the growth and development of the economy.

With the support, the diplomat urged Liberians to seize the opportunity to revolutionize its economy by focusing more on value chain instead of just exporting raw materials.

“We are signing this to support the TVET sector in the fields of electricity, construction and agriculture and in six institutions. This is an outcome of a request from this government. We want young people see agriculture as a means of finance. We want creativity in the program. We want youth to find job. Let's try to revolutionize the economy through TVET and this is why this program is basically meant for,” the French diplomat added

In remarks, Liberia’s Finance and Development Planning Minister, Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, lauded the Government and the People of France for the support.

“He is a practical example for development. The youth development in Africa has to be taken to a new level. This program will practically address challenges facing youth,” the MFDP boss asserted.

Unlike other programs, Min. Tweah said the monitoring and evaluation will be taken into consideration very seriously.

“The informal sector is key to boosting the economy. We need to provide high quality training for our people and I want to call on young people to take advantage of skills training as a means of making livelihood. We are going to do monitoring on this program to know the deliveries,” he indicated.



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