Self-Acclaimed British Investor and Alleged Attorney-In-Fact, Mr. Hans Armstrong Self-Acclaimed British Investor and Alleged Attorney-In-Fact, Mr. Hans Armstrong

Hans Armstrong flip-flops - withdraws Letter of Complaint After accusing several judges of unethical conduct Featured

The Heritage has reliably learnt that the self-acclaimed British Investor and alleged Attorney-In-Fact, who earlier filed a formal complaint of unethical conduct before the then Chief Justice, His Honor Francis S. Korkpor of the Supreme Court against some renowned judges in 2020/2021, has again formally written the present Chief Justice, Her Honor Sie A Nayene G. Yuoh, withdrawing his complaint.

In his letter of withdrawal, Mr. Armstrong states that the formal complaint against one of those Judges accused of unethical conduct by him has been withdrawn in order for that Judge to proceed with the hearing of the case at the Criminal Court ‘‘C’’ Case involving Mr. Armstrong and the Senate Secretary of the Liberian Senate, Nanborlor Singbeh.

It can be recalled that sometimes ago, Mr. Armstrong was appointed by Justice Minister F. Musah Dean, Jr. as General Manager of MHM EKO Liberia, Incorporated, a company organized by Mr. Singbeh as President and Chief Executive Officer to engage in the mining of rocks in Seeke Town, District # 4 in Margibi County.

In the formal communication dated September 2, 2022 and addressed to former Chief Justice Korkpor under the subject of withdrawal of complaint of unethical conduct against Judge Blamo A. Dixon, Resident Judge of Criminal Court ‘‘C’’, Mr. Amstrong claiming to be Attorney-in Fact for two alleged Czech Republic investors, Martin and Pavel Miloschewsky, who filed a US$ 5 Million suit against Mr. Singbeh and others, informed former Chief Justice Korkpor that, “I have decided to withdraw my November 9, 2020 complaint of ethical conduct against Judge A. Blamo Dixon, Resident Circuit Judge, First Judicial Circuit, Criminal Court C for Montserrado County without reservation.”

The communication, a copy of which is in possession of the Heritage, furthered that although “your Honor forwarded the said complaint to the Judiciary Inquiry Commission (JIC) for investigation, as a result Judge Dixon recused himself from the case”.
Meanwhile, the million-dollar q question on the lips of some key legal pundits is that, why prompted him file a formal complaint two years ago on ethical conduct and is now requesting for a withdrawal against the Judge who recused himself at that time so as to preside over said case now.

‘‘Is it that the complaint against Judge Dixon had no merit as other complaints against other judges just for dilatory purpose,’’ one of the legal pundits, who spoke on condition of anonymity, asked.

Nevertheless, a sitting judge, who claimed anonymity when quizzed about the issue, intimated, “Mr. Armstrong knowing that the case he is pursuing lacks merit, bent on falsehoods and false representation, complained Judges who does not want to dance to his tune of alleged mischief.”

A professor of law at the Arthur Grimes School of Law, who begged not to be named, narrated how Mr. Armstrong has allegedly engaged in a smear campaign against some members in the Judiciary Branch in order to destroy the good intentions of Judges thereby bringing the Judiciary into public ridicule.

When another sitting Judge was quizzed on the attitude of Mr. Armstrong, the Judge also claiming anonymity lamented that how a judge who was complained of unethical conduct in a particular case will come to preside over the same case after having respectfully recused himself such as Judge Dixon. He concluded that Mr. Armstrong may not be doing so in good faith and that it shows that those complaints against Judges and a Magistrate were all orchestrated by lies and deceits as exhibited by his withdrawal of his complaint against Judge Dixon whom he falsely accused almost two years ago.

In contrast to the communication of September 2, 2022 Mr. Armstrong in a communication to Her Honor Sie A. Nyene G. Yuoh, dated November 10, 2022, copy of which is in our possession, misled Her Honor that the Secretary of the Senate, Nanborlor Singbeh was indicted by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) when in fact documents also in our possession revealed that it was a final report into allegation of fraud and misapplication submitted to the Ministry of Justice on November 26, 2019 and withdrawn on June 10, 2020 based on the failure of the Ministry of Justice to prosecute in accordance with the Act establishing the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission.

He furthered in his communication that between 2020 and 2021, he filed complaints of unethical conduct before His Honor Francis S. Korkpor, former Chief Justice against 4 Circuit Court Judges and a Stipendiary Magistrate, to include Judge Roland Dahn, Resident Judge of the 8th Judiciary Circuit in Nimba County where he was first indicted by the Republic of Liberia with Mr. Singbeh as Private Prosecutor for the crime of “Forgery and Theft of Property”. Judge Blamo Dixon, Resident Judge, first Judiciary Circuit, Criminal Assizes “C” for Montserrado County, Judge Yarmine Quiqui Gbessaye, Relieving Judge, at that time, Judge Scheaplor R. Dunbar, Assigned Circuit Judge, Civil Law Court Annex “B” for Montserrado County and Magistrate Victoria Worlobah Duncan, Stipendiary Magistrate, Kakata Margibi Court, Margibi Couty.

In his complaint to the Chief Justice, Her Honor Yuoh dated November 10, 2022, Mr. Armstrong accused the Judiciary Inquiry Commission (JIC) headed by Associates Justice Kaba of the failure to invite the Judges and the Magistrate to conduct investigations. To bring the Judiciary into public ridicule, his communication to the Chief Justice was copied to the Embassies of the United States, British, French, the European Union, and UN Offices of High Commission for Human Rights ((OHCHR).

A renowned legal practitioner, who once served on the Supreme Court Bench, asserted “all of these unwholesome acts are allegedly back by Justice Minister Dean who is allegedly a business partner and a former lawyer for Mr. Armstrong. See page… for the full text of the Letter in which Mr., Armstrong accused the judges of unethical conduct.

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