Former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill Former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill

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It is now common knowledge that the US Treasury Department’s Magnitsky sanctions that were imposed August 15, 2022 on three key officials of the Weah-led government are having drastic toll on the designees.

Immediately after being sanctioned, the three officials got suspended by President Weah, and consequently resigned their respective posts within the Executive Branch of Government. But of the three designees, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel F. McGill remains the only designee who continues to call on his accusers to adduce evidence, and for the Liberian Government to send him to court so as to clear his name. 

Lamenting increasingly about his innocence regarding the charges brought against him, Mr. McGill however says he believes in the fairness and impartiality of the American democracy, noting that the US Government is not prejudiced against him, but rather was fed with misinformation by unscrupulous individuals to achieve their own political agenda. In the wake of these developments, independent sources have confided that McGill’s vilification that resulted to the imposition of sanctions is motivated by interested parties who are going all out to exterminate McGill’s influence around the presidency and erode President Weah’s trust in his number one go-to man.

“This thing is way beyond Weah’s control right now. What you see going on with McGill is the fallout from the infighting within the governing camp. People have not been happy that McGill who joined the CDC in 2011 along with Cllr. Winston Tubman, is now considered the biggest beneficiary of the CDC’s rough ride to state power, especially over those who consider themselves original founders of the CDC. There has been this huge infighting from day one to dislodge McGill’s hold on Weah, break the center of power and open a crack that would force the president’s hand to do their bidding when the right time comes,” says a source from the Executive who asked for anonymity, as he is pretty well seated within the Ministry of State.

According to one of the key sources, the path to McGill’s downfall was paved when the former Minister of State started making those excursions around the country to woo support for President Weah’s second term presidential bid.

“The move shook the foundation of the tripartite arrangement, some of whose leaders felt that McGill had no right to assume unto himself such an opportunity that could position him in the eyes of the people as a power kingpin, thus making him an electable candidate for any legislative post. Many within the Congress for Democratic Change felt betrayed that McGill was usurping the functions of the Party,” the source stated.

Furthermore, information filtering from credible insiders within the ruling tripartite Coalition for Democratic Change arrangement say key decision-makers within one of the Coalition constituent members are incensed over what they see as McGill’s abandonment of their vested interest, especially as regards the allotment of jobs to members of that party, although they believe he is always bending to the whims and caprices of the Congress for Democratic Change.

“They are really angry that McGill had always capitulated to almost all of the recommendations from the Congress for Democratic Change in terms of political appointments. That feeling is also shared and amplified by two senators from Nimba County,” another source indicated.

In the wake of such stinging insider revelations that unveil multifarious layers of power jockeying accordingly orchestrated with the sole aim to oust Weah’s top former confidant from the power vortex, investigative sources firmly believe that the United States Government should consider digging into its files to decipher the true intent behind some of the intel on McGill who continues to lament his innocence.

“We know that the US Government is open to reviewing its trove of information on those that were designated under the Magnitsky Act, in case a designee might challenge the US Treasury Department allegations,” a civil source stated, noting it is only fair that the accused are availed with the opportunity to vindicate themselves by facing justice in a court of competent jurisdiction.

It can be recalled that on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 US Embassy Public Affairs Officer Sean Boda stated that the Government of the United States does not interfere in the judicial processes of sovereign country, and that it is the duty of a sovereign nation to try those accused under the Magnitsky sanctions.

The US Government official also indicated that persons designated under the Magnitsky Act could be reprieved if the charges outlined under their designations are proven otherwise.


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