We Must Treat Them Like Any Other Human Beings!!

The Government of Liberia (GoL) must do everything in strengthening the mental health services of Liberia owing to the growing cases of mental illness in the country. 

While we sincerely acknowledge the GoL willingness to tackle the growing mental health problems in the country, we encourage the GoL to do more in urgently finding solutions to the problems associated with mental illness. 

As a means of addressing the multiplying mental health problems, we call on the government to also ensure that mental health treatment is made available at all health facilities across the country. 

When mental health treatment is made available at health centers nationwide, we believe, the swelling mental health problems would be drastically reduced, if not curtailed. 

On the other hand, we caution those who are in the habit of stigmatizing mental ill people to stop, as they mental ill people are Liberians and must not be treated as outcasts.   

We must treat mentally ill people like any other human beings and patients at the various health centers, including clinics and hospitals across the country, because anybody can be affected with mental illness.  

To this end, we again encourage the government to do more in dealing with the rising cases of mental illness in the country for the betterment of the country. 


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