Resignation of Accused Officials in the Best Interest of All -Says Information Minister Rennie

Resignation of Accused Officials in the Best Interest of All -Says Information Minister Rennie Featured

Liberia's Information Minister, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, has said the resignation of three accused officials of the Liberians Government is in the best interest of all of the parties involved.

He added that the resignation of the three accused officials will give the Government an opportunity to see what next they can do in terms of ensuring that the Government moves on with its daily activities and also give the accused the opportunity to think about a new future and perhaps on the possibility of how they can now face their accusers privately.
It can be recalled that the Treasury Department of the United States of America recently sanctioned three Liberians Government officials on allegations of corruption, emphasizing that the three officials of the Liberian Government through acts of corruption, have undermined democracy in the country for their personal gains. 
The three officials are Solicitor General of the Republic of Liberia, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill and Managing Director of the Freeport of Monrovia, Bill Twehway.
Speaking on the Voice of America (VOA), the official spokesperson of the Liberian Government asserted that the acceptance of the resignation of the three officials sends a message that the country wants to move on as a government and people.
He added that since the levying of the sanction on the three officials, there has been sober reflection of understanding on what the issue is and also the implications associated with the sanction coming from the Treasury Department of the US Government.
The Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) boss said the decision by the President to have suspended the officials was a common approach that is in the best interest of everyone, including the Government and people of Liberia and also the accused.
When quizzed on whether the officials resigned voluntarily or were asked by President George M. Weah to resign, the Minister of Information said he doesn't think that the issue about voluntary or involuntary resignation is of essence for now, citing that what is more important at the moment is that the President has accepted the resignation of the three officials of government.
However, Mr. Rennie assured the public that the Government is continuing to engage and see how best it can handle the issue of the alleged corruption.
 "Some of the things we are doing are so diplomatic that we don't want to speak publicly about them, but we want to say that we will treat this matter very seriously," Minister Rennie assured the public.
He added that the Government of Liberia is continuing to do the things it is expected to do as a government, which include behaving responsibly and treating the matter seriously.
The MICAT boss indicated that people will have their say in the matter as the topic of the day in the political landscape of the country, but maintained that what is more important for the government is that it handles the situation with care aimed at finding a lasting solution.

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