L/R PUL President Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr./Niels Scott, UN Liberia Resident Coordinator L/R PUL President Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr./Niels Scott, UN Liberia Resident Coordinator

As International Community in Liberia distances itself, PUL President slams Fake News On ‘‘Rigging’’ 2023 Elections Featured

Press Union of Liberia (PUL)President Charles B. Coffey, Jr. has termed a video on social media   relating to state of affairs of Liberia's security as fake, horrible intentionally and verifiably false.

 Mr. Coffey said such fake news is designed to manipulate people’s perceptions of real facts of peace and stability in Liberia.

 He said the content of the video is known by its promoter to be false based on facts that are demonstrably incorrect, or situation that verifiably did not happen. 

According to Mr. Coffey, the content is a fabricated information that mimics news media content in form but…lack(s) the news media’s editorial norms and processes for ensuring the accuracy and credibility of information. It overlaps with misinformation (false or misleading information) and disinformation (false information purposely spread to mislead people).

The PUL president is urging media institutions and individual journalists to watch out for fake news stories by unscrupulous individuals who want to use the media to cause havoc and panic among Liberians. 

Mr. Coffey is further calling on the media to counter the fake news and educate the public. He said the peace and stability being experienced in Liberia must be maintained and cautioned against all acts that have the propensity to undermine the peace, security and stability of the country.

At the same time, the PUL boss is urging the media to be conflict sensitive and always exercise high degree of professionalism.

Meanwhile, the PUL President is commending the media for handling the fake video with caution in line with professional standards.  He wants to media to always double, and facts check information before publication.

In a related development, the United Nations Liberia Resident Coordinator, on behalf of the International Community in Liberia, has issued a joint statement in Monrovia on a social media piece, which recently has been circulated referring to the International Community regarding attempts to expose an alleged ‘‘plot’’ by President George Manneh Weah to rig the 2023 elections.
The International Community in Liberia states categorically that the statements contained in the piece have no connection with the International Community in Liberia nor are ‘‘we aware of any basis for any allegation contained in this piece. We strongly condemn any attempt to link the International Community with these allegations which could threaten and undermine national security.’’
‘‘We stress that those responsible must be held accountable. We once again remind all political and media stakeholders of their responsibility to refrain from hate speech, disinformation, and violence especially in the run-up to the 2023 elections. The International Community in Liberia wishes to reaffirm its continued commitment to peace and stability in Liberia,’’ the statement added.


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