Our Urge to All Feminist Supporters

There is a need to continue highlighting the situations of women and girls who suffer violence and abuses in the county so as to influence policy and decision makers to find ways of reducing and/or alleviating these vices in our society.

Against this backdrop, we must underscore the role of traditional leaders in promoting women and girls rights, identifying some legal instruments available in the Constitution, the organic law of the country, that protect their rights to participate in social and economic activities and what can government do to address these issues.

We want to also stress the need for communities and stakeholders to see women and girls as integral part of society, who share equal rights and opportunities with their male counterparts.

Stakeholders, including women, traditional and religious leaders, elders, young adults, court actors, amongst others, must be totally involved, if this human driven campaign must achieve its desired objectives in the country.
This is why we are wholeheartedly encouraging all feminist organizations and groups to serve as agents of change in their respective communities and institutions.
By continuing highlighting the situations of women and girls who are victims of violence and other form of abuses, we believe, would also help enhance the rights of women to participate in political, social and economic activities.

In this vein, we thank all feminist organizations and groups in the country for their tireless efforts in this important campaign and call on them to engage policy and decision makers to create more enabling conditions that support the rights of women.
With the collective efforts of all, it is our hope that the issues facing women and girls such as rape, persistent non-support, delay in the justice system, among others, would be greatly tackled. 

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