LACC Executive Chairperson Cllr. Edwin Clark Martin LACC Executive Chairperson Cllr. Edwin Clark Martin

LACC requests Special Court Power to enhance fight against corruption Featured

The Executive Chairperson of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Cllr. Edwin Clark Martin, has asked the Government through the National Legislature to consider granting the commission a Specialized Court to address the issue of delay of cases at Criminal Court “C”.

He observed that such court will enable the Commission to operate in the stipulated timeframe in the conduct of investigations against alleged corruption.

According to Cllr. Martin, the commission is faced with a serious problem as it relates to the speedy hearing of the LACC cases of corruption as the result of the overwhelming cases at the Criminal Court “C”.

Speaking in Monrovia recently on a local radio station, the Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Martin stated that the Government is eager to fight corruption, and that the LACC is willing to collaborate with the government in ensuring that corruption is mitigated, especially when granted a dedicated court.

“If we have a specialized court, we will be able to conduct all of our cases in the timeframe. The delay in prosecution is because the court is overwhelmed,” Cllr Martin noted.
He added: “There is only one court; one court that is responsible and thart’s the Criminal Court “C”. So we are hoping that the establishment of a specialized court for corruption will actually buttress the government's own initiative to combat the act.”

Meanwhile, the LACC boss also disclosed that when he took office, there were 75 audit reports at the Commission, stating that most of those reports came from the General Auditing Commission (GAC).
According to him, upon taking over at the LACC, he immediately called on the Program Manager to ensure that the stockpile of cases are investigated.

“As we speak to you today, we have done about 48 of those cases. Some of them are now under investigation, and now some of them are being passed to the prosecution program to do the evaluation, look at all the laws and the crimes that have been committed,” he said.
He further narrated that the LACC is willing to work with the public, but stated it will not dwell on hearsay on grounds that the institution wants high court evidence that will enable sufficient proof in battling any corruption case.
“On the issue of prosecution, since I took over, we were able to come with indictments, and those cases are now pending before court,” he noted.

Cllr. Martin also thanked the Ministry of Finance and the Government for giving the institution some greater budgetary allotment to bring the LACC to a top notch institution.
“From the past, if you look at the commission, you’ll notice that the building of the office was purely dilapidated and unpainted.

“But today, you can see the commission is shining, and looks like an office that is fully ready to The LACC boss also asserted that upon taking office in July of 2021, the institution was faced with serious vehicle issues, stating that all of the vehicles were not movable.
He said: “I met ten vehicles that were parked for more than five years, they were not in movable condition. They could not move, but now they are all in functional condition.”


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