Indeed,  the Media,  GoL  should coexist freely in the spirit of patrimony and democracy

When he  served as  orator  for this  year’s   Press Freedom Day,  Jefferson Tamba  Koijee, described the media relations with the Government of Liberia(GoL)  in time past as non-social, and urged both parties to coexist freely in the spirit of patrimony and democracy.

Against this backdrop, Mr. Koijee strongly underscored the need for mutual respect and collaboration with GoL and the press to promote national development and unity in the country.

 The Monrovia City Mayor, who addressed hundreds of journalists in Fish Town, River Gee County on Tuesday, May 3, 2022  at the Press Union of Liberia(PUL)) organized event to commemorate this year’s World Press Freedom Day, then  encouraged relevant Government agencies to desist from what he calls ‘lip service’, and take concrete steps to resolve cases of brutality by state security forces.

According to him, doing so will ensure a viable, free and transparent media, as part of the tenets of democracy.

The Press Freedom Day’s Orator, who  also paid  special  tributes  to fallen Liberians journalists  for their immense contributions to  the sustenance of Liberia’s democracy  and those journalists  who  are contributing immensely to said democracy,  dispelled fear in the media that the global effects of digital siege are seriously affecting Liberia, preventing citizens from having access to available online information.

This year’s World Press Freedom Day centered on journalism under digital siege. Globally, digital landscape has increased largely since the outbreak of COVID-19.

  “It is Government’s responsibility to ensure access to online services, and that it is globally inescapable; Government will work to ensure such right is protected,” he  told the gathering.  

Among other things, Mayor Koijee averred   that the move has helped greatly in flourishing media freedom in the digital environment.

For us, we embrace   this year’s Press Freedom Day’s Orator message regarding the need for mutual respect and collaboration with Government and the press, to promote national development and unity in the country as prudent and in the right direction.

 Frankly,  the need for  said coexistence in the interest of the development of the Liberian nation and people cannot be overemphasized.

  We encourage both parties (media and GoL) to consider the message of the Press Freedom’s Orator  in good faith as it is judicial  and seeks to enhance  the development of the country and its people.

  We see nothing wrong with the media and Government collaboration as suggested by  Mayor Koijee once it is aimed at  promoting national development and unity in the country.

 It must be underscored   that one of the  primary objectives   of both the media and Government is to seek the interest of the Liberian nation and its people, but   when there is a deviation to this important social contract, the media, as the watchdog, comes in  and  raise  the necessary  red flag  for the Government to do the right thing.  This does not mean that  the media and Government are adversary- they both need to coexist for the enhancement  of the country and its people.

To this end, we again embrace  this  year’s   Press Freedom Day’s Orator  Message for the media and GoL to  coexist freely in the spirit of patrimony and  democracy.



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