Some bush meat sellers storm the Capitol Building to present their petition Some bush meat sellers storm the Capitol Building to present their petition

Bush Meat Sellers, Advocacy Group Petition Legislature

On the back of alleged constant seizure of bush meat products from marketers by agents of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), several marketers in the business and a rights advocacy group have written a three-count petition to the Liberian Legislature.

The petition was presented to the Legislature on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 by the bush meat sellers and right advocacy group under the banner of ‘Campaigners on Climate Change in Liberia/ECOWAS Civil Society Movement of Liberia’ (ECSOMOL).

In their petition, which was read by the Executive Director of ECSOMOL, Madam Oretha T. Dennis, the groups urged the Liberian Legislature to immediately halt the harassment and intimidation meted on “struggling marketers” allegedly by FDA.

The groups also urged the Legislature to ensure the full payment of the losses and damages incurred by the marketers in tone of US$25,000 as a result of FDA's action before any dispute resolution.

"We want the National Legislature to order a grace period of six months for these marketers and hunters to address the issues, at which time, another COP26 Conferences will be held in February 2022 to address their concerns, by creating awareness and sensitisation by ECOWAS Civil Society Movement of Liberia to bring all stakeholders together including our development partners to discuss the issues of climate change financing agreement in line with the Forestry Reform Law," said the count-two of the petition.

Meanwhile, several marketers who spoke to this paper decried the hardship being encountered as a result of the seizure of their meat.

"This is making life extremely hard, very difficult for some of us. Some of us depend on this solely as our means of survivor; this is the business that we do to feed our homes and send our children to school," stated one of the marketers with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The petition came on the heel of recent communication by River Gee County Senator Jonathan B. Sogbie, in which he called on the attention of the Upper House of the Liberian Legislature to investigate report of harassment by FDA of poor marketers.

On the introduction of the communication on the Senate floor during the ninth day sitting of the Special Session, it was voted to have the Managing Director of the FDA to appear before that august body to respond to the allegation levied against the institution by the local business group, most of whom are women, most especially single parents.



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