(L-R): PUL President Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr. and Dr. Morris Koffa at the press confrence yesterday (L-R): PUL President Mr. Charles B. Coffey, Jr. and Dr. Morris Koffa at the press confrence yesterday

To address Liberia’s Sanitation Challeges, Top Environmentalist wants all hands on deck

With solid waste management being one of the most challenges confronting the country, a prominent Liberian environmentalist wants all hands on deck in addressing the country’s sanitation challenges.

Dr. Morris Koffa, the Executive Director of Africa Environmental Watch, wants all Liberians, including the media to join hands in beating the challenges of solid waste management.

Speaking at a news conference held at the Headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) in Monrovia, Dr. Koffa disclosed that a partnership of concerned Liberian environmental groupings based in the United States of America (USA) they are due here to help in the process.

“We are here to lend helping hands to talk about how we can help in cleaning the environment. A delegation of our partnership is due her in the next two weeks so that we can join the fight. But I want to urge you, as media, to serve as spokesperson for the environment because it is your voices that can go further and wider. You must do more than what you are doing now to hold public officials accountable for the commitment to clean environment,” said Dr. Koffa.

“The media is critical in the area of education and awareness for the maintenance of the environment. Let's reduce the criticism of destruction against the Mayors as they are faced with serious challenges and focus on educating our people,” he indicated.

“We, as citizens, must ensure that our communities are clean. While the government bears the responsibility for policy and providing finance, we must also bear the biggest responsibility of maintaining of our environment by keeping it as clean as possible always,” he furthered.

According to him, his group will work with densely populated cities in different cleaning up exercises.

In remarks, PUL President, Charles B. Coffey,Jr. joined Dr. Koffa to challenge the Liberian media to play an instrumental role in providing education for solid waste management so as to solve the country’s sanitation crisis.

“The media must play role in environmental through education and awareness for our country to meet some of the international demands. Environmental is everything around us and we must promote our environment,” Mr. Coffey noted.

He pointed out that recent assertion by the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Liberia about the country’s sanitation must be seen as a wakeup call not only to the society but the media as a whole.

The PUL President then lauded the Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA) for her recent role in clearing filths from the streets.

“Again we must provide an in-depth awareness about the environmental. You need to go to concessions and businesses and report on the kind of environmental problems being caused by them and the PUL will defend you,” he added.



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