Accused River Cess Senator Francis Paye Accused River Cess Senator Francis Paye

Over Conspiracy and Murder Allegation, Senator Paye, Wife dragged to Court Featured

With unbreakable 10 years of good times having served three years as a Representative and seven years as a Senator, life seems to be turning the ugly side of the coin for River Cess County Senator Francis Paye as he and his wife(Teta Paye) have been dragged to court for “conspiracy and murder”.

Senator Paye, who was first elected in 2011 as Representative for Electoral District #2 in 2011, was later elected as Senator during the 2014 Special Senatorial Election.

And with 10 successive years of his occupations of two legislative seats for River Cess, the day seems to be dawning infamously for the lawmaker who along with his wife have been dragged to the Cestos Magisterial Court by a citizen in person of one Issac Kuieh for allegedly conspiring with his wife to kill his(Kuieh) wife, Oretha Kuieh.

With the case set to be heard today, Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at the Cestos City Magisterial Court, Mr. Kuieh told the Heritage that his action to sue the lawmaker was as a result of an open confession said to have been made by him (Sen. Paye) in which he revealed that his wife, Teta Paye was the one who allegely killed the late Oretha Kuieh.

The late Madam Oretha, the Heritage reliably learnt, was a women’s advocate, and former Chairlady of the River Cess County Chapter of Rural Women under the Ministry of Gender.

Senator Paye, it was gathered, then Representative, supposedly orchestrated the removal of the late Madam Kuieh as Chairlady of the Rural Women through a “bogus election” that was “manipulated” by him through the Gender Ministry, hence, his wife(Teta Paye) went on to win and was sworn in as the new chairlady.

However, the late Madam Kuieh then went on and formed a private women’s advocacy group, whose voice became respected than that of the Rural Women.

Regertabbly, while the group’s name was taking center stage in terms of women’s advocacy and programs in the county, she suddenly became sick and died within no time, thus killing the momentum of the group.

With seven years now come and gone, the River Cee Senator is said to have reported to the husband of the deceased that his wife, Teta was allegedly responsible for the death of the late Oretha through an “African Sign”, a story he is aware of.

Sen. Paye is said to have reportedly made similar confession to the judge of the Cestos City Magisterial Court.

Accordingly, Mr. Kuieh told this paper that he decided to sue Senator Paye and his wife for “conspiracy and murder” respectively.

“Ever since my wife died I have forgotten it. All that we know has been that she died naturally. But surprisingly, he just started asking for my number from people within the community that he wanted to talk to me. They gave him my number and just out of a sudden, I received a call from him (Senator) in which he told me that his wife was the one that killed my wife,” Mr. Kuieh further told the Heritage.

“As I speak to you, the case is expected to be heard tomorrow at the Magisterial Court. There was a called conference yesterday and neither the Senator nor his lawyer was present. But the Judge has scheduled an assignment for today,” averred the accuser.

Meanwhile, Senator Paye and his wife are yet to comment on the allegation linking them to “conspiracy and murder”.



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