Flashback: A photo posted on Facebook showing Commissioner Eugene Lenn Nagbe Eating “Expensive” Food Flashback: A photo posted on Facebook showing Commissioner Eugene Lenn Nagbe Eating “Expensive” Food

Over Display of "Expensive" Food On Social Media -Maritime Boss Hits Back At CDC Youth Wing, Others

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -Following public condemnations against the display of his "expensive” food as posted on his personal Facebook page, Maritime Commissioner, Eugene Lenn Nagbe, has sharply responded to critics, including the ruling party Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) Youth Wing, stating that he didn’t violate any law of the Code of Conduct.

Recently, the CDC Youth Wing held a press conference and condemned the act by the Maritime boss. According to the CDC Youth Wing, the display of eating “expensive” food at an expensive restaurant and posting it on social media contravenes the true meaning of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development(PAPD), which is, among other things, intended to get the masses out of poverty. But while speaking on wide range of his success story since he took over as head of the Liberia Maritime Authority(LiMA) when he appeared on Okay FM on Tuesday, July 13,2021, Commissioner Nagbe pointed out that even though he appreciates the internal criticisms of the CDC Youth Wing, he maintained that his action was in no way wrong.

According to the Maritime boss, as far he is concerned, the work for which he was appointed by President George Manneh Weah is on course , bragging that since his appointment, his entity is one of the best performing entities relative to creating more employment opportunities for more Liberians. He said instead of the CDC Youth Wing using its platform to checkmate and scrutinize the performances and policy issues of public officials appointed by the President, it is saddened that the CDC Youth Wing does not know about the code of conduct. “The Youth Wing is a very powerful constituent of the CDC party. They have great responsibility and a mandate to scrutinize public officials appointed in government, so I agree with the great debate they have started.

My own disagreement is that, we should not utilize that great platform for joviality, no, let the debate be for policy issues, performance to determine if government officials are not doing their jobs,” he asserted. Commissioner Nagbe continued: “I Spent 11 dollars for my food, but my bill went up to 14dollars because I offered someone. They have the right to criticize internally and I respect that, but let them elevate the debate to performance. Pro-Poor means to do things to help the poor people, but pro- poor does not mean you can’t eat. There’s nothing in the Code of Conduct that says do not eat and take picture, what it says that you should not insult, you should not post nullity.

It is clear and I have not violated any rule. Internal criticism is good but not on eating. My sector is working good so let them focus on the ones that are not working." Highlighting on his achievements since taking over the LiMA, the immediate former Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism(MICAT) disclosed that aside from creating employment opportunities for more young people in the marine sector, his greatest achievement is the completion of the first phase of a state of an art headquarters of the Liberia Maritime Authority to avoid allocating huge money for rent. The former MICAT boss averred that considering the good work done by his predecessor, Dr. James Kollie, he decided to make it better in the soonest possible time by completing the first phase of the building, which he said, is awaiting dedication anytime in this month.

“Aside from employing more Liberians, one of the tangibles I can point to is a project that Dr. James Kollie started, that is the relocation of Maritime Authority to Congo Town, he purchased a piece of land and started working on it. So when I came in October, I made it my priority to do better, so I said instead of renewing the contract in April of 2021, we have to move to our building April and so we did, though our landlord didn’t like it. We are planning to dedicate the building in July. We also expanded the Maritime Institute to train more people,” the Maritime boss uttered. At the same time, Commissioner Nagbe has refuted allegations by critics that his current vehicle worth over US$90,000. He clarified that the cost of his current vehicle is in the tone of US$60,000, contrary to claims by critics.



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