Monrovia City Mayor Mr. Jefferson T. Koijee Monrovia City Mayor Mr. Jefferson T. Koijee

Monrovia City Government goes digital - Introduces its flagship Digital Platform on ‘‘eWallie” to enhance payment of municipal taxes Featured

The Monrovia City Government acknowledged the challenges faced by municipal tax and fee payers while trying to access the banking system something according to the MCC often served as a barrier for municipal tax and fee collections and subsequently create leakages on the city revenue generation. Such challenges have resulted in the erosion of the city’s municipal tax and fee collections.

To address the forgoing challenges, the Monrovia City Government has integrated a new digital platform on “Ewallie” to expand its tax base within the city and create a stress-free tax environment through a digital network for the payment of all municipal taxes and fees.
Based on the City Government fair assessment, which occasioned said launch, the use of the Ewallie digital platform for the payment of municipal taxes and fees will drastically ease corruption, bring transparency, and underpinned proper checks and balances which are key components of good governance.

According to the City Government, harnessing the Ewallie platform moving forward will increase the importance of vigorous and effective service delivery which is a fundamental responsibility of the City Government of Monrovia.

Hence, all municipal taxes including solid waste and city parking fees shall be paid through the digital service provider “eWallie” which has been made as easy as possible to avoid long routes taxpayers routinely confront using the banking system.

“To enable this, all businesses including shops, stores, and moving assets like cars, trucks, and bikes must be enumerated in the tax system to avoid embarrassment. We are using the new digital tax roll on the Ewallie App, which you can download on your phone for your convenience. If you don’t have a smartphone, our staff will assist you to sign-up and you can make your tax payments at any eWallie agents around the city of Monrovia” the management of the city government averred.

Effectively as of November 25, 2022, all city parking fees will be paid through eWallie while the payment of all municipal taxes and fees will commence on January 1, 2023.

The Monrovia City Government has advised that all taxpayers within Monrovia open an account via eWallie and share the account number with the MCC and payments will be made using 30020220317131556 as a designated account for all municipality taxpayers.

Definitively, the Monrovia City Government implored all taxpayers to refrain from using no other means to pay taxes except the use of the Ewallie digital platform as any other transaction will be rendered dubious.



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