Amid Rice Shortage Saga in Liberia, Public concerns mount over low quality of Rice imported by SWAT

Amid Rice Shortage Saga in Liberia, Public concerns mount over low quality of Rice imported by SWAT Featured

Amid the rice shortage saga in Liberia, public concerns are mounting over what has been described as a low quality of rice brought into the country by one of the major rice importers in the country.

It can be recalled that recently, the country experienced shortage of rice due to the Government of Liberia(GoL) alleged failure to pay rice importers their subsidies.

And shortly after the GoL reportedly made some payments to importers, one of the major rice importers, the Supplying West Africa Traders, Incorporated, generally called SWAT swiftly brought in a small consignment of the country's staple food.

According to sources, who are knowledgeable of the issue, the consignment of rice hurriedly brought into the country by SWAT came from neighboring Ivory Coast where it was allegedly rejected by consumers because of its low grade and quality and was reportedly purchased by SWAT for low price.

Some Liberians told local journalists that the rice, especially the one, which is bagged in the yellow sac of the 50kg and 25kg, tastes very terrible and that because of the scarcity, Liberians are managing to eat it. 
 It is also alleged that some government functionaries, who are aware of the situation, are mute because any action to have stopped the importation would have  undermined government's quest to have the commodity available on the market in wake of the shortage of the commodity.

Our sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, divulged that SWAT supposedly used the scarcity of the country's staple food  to penetrate the commerce of Liberia with the bad product.

Other sources hinted that the product was destined for disposal in the Ivory Coast before it was brought to Liberia. But the Heritage could not independently verify this up to press time.

Meanwhile, also up to press time, the Management of SWAT could not be reached for comments regarding the importation of the low quality of rice from neighboring Ivory Coast. However, the Management of SWAT had in the past dismissed similar report of importing low quality of rice into the country.


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