This is unacceptable and must stop!!


 We unconditionally join all well-meaning Liberians, including organizations in  strongly condemning the persistent and uncontrollable   rape against girls and women in the country.

 This is unacceptable and must stop!! Against this backdrop, we call on the Government of Liberia(GoL) through the relevant functionaries to urgently address the growing issue of rape in the country  and ensure that perpetrators are reprimanded in line with the law of Liberia.

Our attention is specifically drawn to the raping of a 3-year-old baby. This act is brutal and inhumane  to highest level and we call for a speedy interrogation of the matter.

 We believe the end of the 14 years of carnage in Liberia  would have ended these unacceptable and painful effects of rape and begin the road to recovery, slowly, but surely.

 Considering the stigma around rape worldwide, some of the alleged rapists go unpunished when women do not come forward, or the justice neglects to arrest the accused rapists.

The impoverished state of Liberia contributes to a lack of punishment for rapists, with a shortage of facilities to treat rape victims.

The end of war brings hope for a brighter future, but in the case of Liberia, the problem of rape has remained more robust than ever.  Thousands of women are being raped and left to recover on their own every year, contributing to a culture that displays complacency in response to the high numbers of rape.

To this end, we gain cautiously call on the GoL to investigate and punish all rapists to serve as a  deterrence for would-be rapists in the country who are daily hunting girls and women.


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