A view of some of the platform guests at the official launching proram A view of some of the platform guests at the official launching proram

Liberian owned Electronic Financial Platform officially launched in Monrovia

A newly established digital electronic company eWallie has launched the first Liberian owned digital mobile financial transaction platform. eWallie is a mobile app found in the Goggle play store or the iPhone app store to aid its customers manage that financial transactions speedily without restrictions to a particular network.

The app, according to the Director of eWallie Incorporated, . works with all mobile GSM companies Orange and Lonestar to perform airtime and data sales, purchasing of basic commodities from local business vendors among other functions.

Mr. Abdullah Kamara noted that the platform also operates through the use of MasterCard and Visa Card to perform international transactions across the borders of Liberia.

"You can use eWallie to control your financial services and payments of salary and other bills," he said.

He further explained that the platform is been accepted by the Liberian government as the primary medium of service payment at the LRA, Water and Sewer Cooperation and other relevant government agencies.

Officially launching the eWallie product over the weekend in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, the acting Chairperson of the Board of Directors at the Liberia Telecommunication Authority(LTA) lauded the management of eWallie for undertaking what she described as a great initiative.

Ms. Edwina Zakpa referenced the idea of having a Liberian owned international financial transactions program to what she termed as a means of putting the country in the digital space like other countries around the globe.

According to her, the eWallie platform is now the country's first salary and bills disbursement medium as the program also accepts remittances to have people around the easily responding families far from Africa.

She challenged every Liberian to take advantage of a Liberian owned business for the promotion of putting the country on the digital revolution for the new Era.

In remarks, both local and International business stakeholders graced the platform, saying it is fast, reliable, transparent as well as good for all services in and out of Liberia.

Some said that eWallie has helped them managed all their financial transactions since its establishment to save, send and move with money easily but not physically as it used to be. 


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