Lonestar Cell MTN and BETTOMAX Officials Along With NLA Boss Nagbe at the Launch Lonestar Cell MTN and BETTOMAX Officials Along With NLA Boss Nagbe at the Launch

Lonestar Cell MTN, BETTOMAX Launch Partnership for Convenient Customer Service

The managements of Lone Star Cell MTN and BETTOMAX have officially launched a partnership aimed at enhancing convenient customers’ service in sports betting.

Lonestar Cell MTN is regarded as the leading telecommunications operator in Liberia and is the most reliable mobile money operator in the country with a singular focus on leading the delivery of a bold new digital world for customers.

On the other hand, BETTOMAX is a sport betting and a game of chance company that has been operating in Liberia for a little over a year now. Despite the impact of COVID-19, the gaming company continues to provide employment for several Liberians.

Accordingly, under partnership, which was launched Friday, October 15, 2021 in Monrovia, BETTOMAX Liberia customers will now use their Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money wallets to place bets and cash out.

Speaking at the launch, the Project Lead of LoneStar Cell MTN Mobile Financial Services (MFS), Manju Konneh, said the partnership signifies the company’s success in the money business with BETTOMAX quest to make betting easier and convenient.

“This signifies our success in the money business. I want to encourage Liberians to use our mobile money and BETTOMAX platform, because this is the easiest way to bet,” said Konneh.

BobbyLekpyee, head of LoneStar Cell MTN Mobile Money Operations, believes that the new relationship will add further boost to the mobile money platform.

“We see this simply as a form of transaction when betting. You can link your bank account with your Mobile Money and BETTOMAX platform. It has security and privacy as we have breached the gap of going in the streets to place bets,” indicated Bobby.

Giresh Hotwani, Finance and Administrative Manager of BETTOMAX, reckoned that the game is going to change the lives of many Liberians, especially those involved with sports betting and game of chance.

While still focused on Monrovia and its environs, Hotwani said it is the hope and aspiration that BETTOMAX opens centers in other counties across the country so as to create more employment opportunities.

“This is a game that is going to change people's lives. We are focusing on Monrovia; we want to take things one at a time. But we will move out to create more jobs for Liberians,” asserted the BETTOMAX official.

Also in remarks, LoneStar Cell MTN Mobile Money Manager for Mass Distribution, Prince Chesson, said the new platform solidifies the GSM giant as the leader in digital financial services.

“We are at the top of our game with this partnership. This will bring money within the eco system of digital financial transaction. LoneStar Cell MTN looks at the problem and develops solutions. We have a larger population on the market and we are the leader in the space. With this partnership, we will continue to be good together,” Chesson told the gathering.

Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia (GoL), through the National Lottery Authority (NLA), has lauded the two companies for the new technology.

Reginald Nagbe, Director General of the NLA, renewed vow that the NLA will continue to play its regulatory role without fear or favor for any individual company.

“We have no favor, all we need is competition. This is another opportunity for the sport betting sector and we want to thank the companies for this partnership,” added the NLA boss.

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