Move Swiftly and Address the Reported Insecurity

We join all well- meaning Liberians, including institutions in and out of the country in categorically condemning the continuing wave of ongoing incidences of reported attacks, ritualistic killings, disappearances, and criminal acts in the country.

Like our fellow compatriots and others, we call on the Government of Liberia (GoL) through the relevant security apparatus, mainly the Liberia National Police(LNP), which is clothed with the authority to protect lives and properties to move swiftly with the aim of stepping up security so as to guarantee the personal safety of citizens and residents.

The GoL must acknowledge the reported growing insecurity and must do everything to address it urgently.

This is very important because the reported wave of insecurity has the propensity to undermine the current and uninterrupted peace, which the general population has enjoyed for over fifteen years now.

Frankly, the reported attacks, killings and disappearances of individuals in the country are very worrisome, and therefore, the Gol must hurriedly investigate them in a bid to bring the situation under control and must leave no stone unturned in bringing to justice the perpetrators of the reported violent attacks so as to serve as a deterrence.

On the other hand, we also urge all to be helpful and observant in providing any important information which can be used by the national security apparatus in helping to address the growing wave of insecurity in the country.

Again, we call on the GoL to move swiftly in addressing the growing wave of reported insecurity in the country for the betterment of country.


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