Report: Rice Shortage Imminent in Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The Independent Authoritative Heritage has reliably learnt that the shortage of rice, Liberia’s staple, is imminent on the local market, due to what has been described as the increase of transportation of goods in the country.

According to report gathered by the Heritage, this has led to the revenue cost of a bag of rice to an amount that could lead to a serious loss, if the Government of Liberia (GoL), maintains the current cost of whole sale. “We can only appeal to the government to see how the situation can be addressed in the soonest possible time or we will be unable to import the rice knowing we are going to sell with great loss,” an importer, who spoke on condition of anonymity to this paper, asserted. The GoL, through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is said to have been touring various warehouses in the country.

Consequently, this paper gathered that through the verification tour of the various warehouses, about four major importers had their reserve virtually empty. “It has become almost impossible to get enough supply of rice these days and I do not really know what the problem is. My suppliers cannot give me any concrete reason why it is getting difficult to get the usually supply rice.” Mamadee Sheriif, a retail seller, who begged not to be named, averred. Meanwhile, this paper learnt that for the importers, the problem has nothing to do with getting the supply, but the “cost of having the rice at the port of Monrovia is like unbearable when you know you are going to sell the rice at loss”.


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