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I Am Not Abandoned - Lawmaker’s Son Dismisses Media Report

Media report that Gbarpolu County Representative Alfred Koiwood had abandoned his 17-year- old son to fend for himself has been dismissed.

Jamel Koiwood said he cannot remember granting interview to any reporter complaining his father, saying that report may have been orchestrated by individual fighting to disconnect him to a father that is doing everything possible to educate and build a better future for him. 

The 17-year- old disclosed that his father has just concluded payment of his school fees, bought his uniform and copybooks as well as provided enough cash to begin his academic year, adding “I do not know where they get their story from”.

However, he was quick to point accusing fingers at Representative Koiwood political enemies, whom he claimed, are doing everything within their power to tarnish his repetition ahead of the special senatorial election next year.

He bragged that they will not succeed in their attempt to use him for political gain as he remains committed to ensuring that his father reach the highest point in politics.

Similar clarification was made by the mother of the boy who praised the lawmaker for cooperating with her at all time on matters relating to her son education and general welfare.

Madam Baindu Fumba told reporters that she was shocked by the media report that her son’s father had abandoned him and that he paid less attention to his education.

She appealed to the lawmaker not to disown his son on the basis of the media as it has no iota of truth.

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