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Prominent Vahun Citizen Takes Issue With Rep. Wiah

LOFA COUNTY, LIBERIA -A prominent citizen of Vahun District, Lofa County Mohammed Kanneh, Sr. has taken issue with his lawmaker, Madam Julie Fatomah Wiah for not attending the official ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a Vahun Guma Mende Multipurpose Town Hall in Siaffa Town, outside Monrovia.

Lawmaker Wiah represents Lofa County District #2 in the House of Representatives. Speaking at the official ground breaking ceremony recently, Mr. Kanneh claimed that Rep. Wiah .over the past years failed to report to her constituents, saying this is “regrettable and unfortunate”. "Honorable Wiah is hiding behind the imprudence of the Vahun children, especially a good number from the student Community," Mr. Kanneh, who is so passionate about the development of Vahun District and his people, asserted. ,The eminent Vahun Ctizen, who is the Managing Editor and Publisher of the Heritage Newspaper, lamented that under the leadership of Rep. Wiah, Vahun District is the only district that lacks what he called developmental agenda. The Heritage boss added that is time that the Mende speaking group in Liberia be well represented at the level of the Liberian Legislature.

However, a staff in the office of Rep. Wiah, Mohamed B. Mansaray, termed the assertions by Mr. Kanneh as a “cheap propaganda”. According to Mr. Mansay, Rep. Wiah’s communication sent to her for ground breaking ceremony was misrepresented in the sense that her letter of salutation was addressed to different place. He contended that the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a Vahun Guma Mende Multipurpose Town Hall in Siaffa Town should not be used as a political campaign, accentuating that 2023 is far away. Meanwhile, Mr. Mansay bragged that his boss-Rep. Wiah has vowed to underwrite the construction of the construction of a Vahun Guma Mende Multipurpose Town Hall in Siaffa Town. But critics of the Lofa Lawmaker described the excuse given for not attending the ceremony as “flimsy” and that it does not hold water.

SiaffaDunor was the first Vahun citizen that settled in Monrovia, particularly in Lower Virginia. Since then, Siaffa Town has been the hotspot of Vahun Citizens, especially the Mende ethnic group in the Republic of Liberia where they often meet to discuss issues regarding their welfares. Vahun was created as a District in 1972. It is one of the far way districts in Liberia with the most deplorable road conditions. The district shares boundary with neighboring Sierra Leone and Gbarpolu County and it is approximately 105.6 meter square land area away from Monrovia, Liberia’s Capital.

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