Citizens of Lofa County at a News Conference early this week Citizens of Lofa County at a News Conference early this week

Lofa County to Launch U$ 150,000 Electricity Rally

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -As a means of buttressing government’s efforts in the development of the country, officials of Lofa County in and out of governmental have endeavored to launch a "Dollar Rally" campaign to raise US$150,000 USD to light up Lofa County.

Addressing a news conference early this week, Sekou Korleh, Secretary General for the “Light Lofa Campaign Dollar Rally," said this initiative will be fully sponsored by sons and daughters of the county. Mr. Korleh said electricity is key, noting that the initiative will begin with the first 25 pieces of solar panels for Voinjama and Foya Cities. According to him, 15 pieces of the 25 panels have been earmarked for Voinjama City, while the remaining 10 will be spread over to Foyah. He furthered that Lofians have decided to launch a citizen "Dollar Rally" campaign to raise fund to purchase more solar panels.

He mentioned that those serving as messengers to achieve this goal are: Thomas Fallah - Chairman, Mulbah Morlu- Co- Chair, Sekou B. Korleh - Secretary General, Jefferson Koijee- Member, D. Maxwell Kemayah, Samora Wolokolie, Kolubah Arkoi, Joseph K. Vallai, Zubah G. Aggrey and Hon. Finda Bundo. The others include: , Hon. Saah H. Joseph, Hon. Menmesie Kabba, Boakai M. Sheriff, Hon. Moses Y. Kollie ,Mohammed M. Bamba Jr.,Janga Augustus Kowo, along with County City Mayor - Kortu Harris (Voinjama), Garmai Gbelle-( Zorzor),Cecelia T. Hallie-( Foya),Yamah Tobolo- (Salayea)and Jackson Boakai- ( Kolba City).

"The money will be used to impact every single district of the county by getting the taste of the light", he said. He encouraged Lofains to contribute some of their income to their motherland to take their county of darkness. This project can be completed once all Lofa united like the county meet. Making remarks, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee, said citizens of the historical County have embarked on this initiative to help their people through a shared vision while serving the Country. Mayor Koijee said the "Dollar Rally" campaign is under the stewardship of District #5 Representative Thomas Fallah, who has thought it wise to encourage citizens of Lofa County to contribute to their county. "We, the citizens of Lofa County, want to start the process by coming together to take our dollars and invest it. We will light up all the respective five political districts while the government is working toward that aspect," he added.


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