A view of the Duport Park A view of the Duport Park

Duport Road Park Turning Into A Dumpsite

PAYNESVILLE CITY, LIBERIA- What used to be a recreation area for citizens and residents of Paynesville City, outside Monrovia is gradually turning into a dumpsite, thus preventing people from entering the area to have fun and relaxation.

The Duport Road Park situated in the City of Paynesville was constructed primarily to host informal recreational activities such weddings, birthday parties, as well as for relaxation purpose and with the aim to generate revenue for the city government and national government at large. It can be recalled that on June 30, 2015, the Duport Road Park was constructed and dedicated during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf when the city was under the stewardship of Mayor Cyvette M. Gibson.

It followed the dedication of the ELWA Junction Beautification Project in June of 2013 as the former President highlighted the need to replicate the project at the Duport Road Community. As a result of the huge stockpile of garbage, the place has been overtaken by unpleasant smells, thereby posing serious health hazard. Our reporter, who visited the area, observed that the place is also being used as a criminal hideout, especially at night, thus impeding free movements of peaceful citizens and residents of Paynesville City. Our reporter also observed that the current condition of the park has impeded the main purposes for which it was constructed.

Aside from the garbage, grass is also overtaking the inner part of the park, while some of the structures constructed for sitting purpose have been broken. When contacted, the Communications Director of the PCC, Mr. Jeremiah Kpadeh Diggen, contrary to the glaring evidence, told this paper that the park is not a dumpsite, contending that the park is currently operating as it has been. However, he admitted that there are some unscrupulous individuals who are in the constant habit of dumping dirt at the park. “The Duport Road Park is not a dumpsite. It is just that we have some unscrupulous people who collect dirt from the communities and dump the dirt at the site during night hours. But this is why we continue to encourage the citizens and residents of Paynesville to subscribe with the entity waste collection service to ensure that people who are not legitimate waste collectors will not be collecting dirt from their homes,” he added.

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