(L-R) Melvin Nathaniel Dormah Lying In A Pool of Blood and some community members on the scene of the heart breaking incident (L-R) Melvin Nathaniel Dormah Lying In A Pool of Blood and some community members on the scene of the heart breaking incident

Sister ‘Stabs’ Brother to Death in Duport Road, Paynesville Featured

A 26-year-woman identified as Louis Dormah on Wednesday evening, June 3, 2020 instantly stabbed to death her brother, Melvin Nathaniel Dormah twice in the chest with a knife.

The heart breaking incident, which took place in the Duport Road Paynesville Community, outside Monrovia, sent shock waves across the entire Paynesville City, with many expressing sorrow over the incident.

The late Melvin Nathaniel, 24, had completed high school and was working as a contractor in a nearby pharmacy to enable him raise money to pursue his university degree when he met his untimely death.

“When Melvin came from work, he mistakenly took her bucket to have his bath, but she warned him not to touch her bucket. Upon hearing the noise, I immediately left from my room and emptied his water from her bucket and put it in our bathing bucket.

On his way to the bathroom, she ran behind him with a knife and trying to turn around to escape, he slipped to the ground and that was how she stabbed my son with the knife two times in his chest and he became helpless in the pool of blood from his chest. No one was around to help me as I watched my son dying in my arms," the biological mother of the deceased and the alleged perpetrator, Ma Fenny Dormahin tears told our reporter who rushed on the scene upon hearing the news that spread like wild fire.

"She is living in the streets, but whenever she comes in this yard, she will disturb, abuse and threaten to burn our two houses here and kill me,” Ma Fenny said of her daughter, the alleged perpetrator.

Ma Fenny stated that nothing good her daughter has brought to her family rather than agony since she ran away from the house to the streets in 2015.

"I, myself, raised her up, but from her childhood days, she has been causing one problem to the other until in 2015, when she ran away from the house here and decided to live in the streets. For everytime she comes here, she will insult the whole day and even threatened to kill my son and my husband. She has been the Goliath in my family,” she intoned.

According to the deceased’s mother, in early February of this year, she and her husband carried Loiusto the Zone # 5 Police Depot in Duport Road to jail her upon seeing her with two bottles of gas intended to set ablaze their houses.

"My husband and I took her to the police depot with the two bottles of gas when she threatened to burn our two houses that day, but surprisingly to us, we don't know what she and the police discussed only for the police to call us later and asked us to take her back home because she said she was a baby ma so they couldn't allow the baby to suffer or get sick. So they discharged her from jail and on that same day, she got on bike and left," narrated Ma Fenny.

Amongst other things, Ma fenny is appealing to the Government of Liberia (GoL) for justice to be served.

Also in tears, Mr. Nathaniel Z. Dormah, father of the late Melvin Nathaniel Dormah, said that he doesn't ever want to see his daughter until he dies.

He said his son was his best friend that he could count on for anything.

"Melvin was my best friend; he used to take good care of not only me, but also her own two children that are living with us. I regret ever having her as my step daughter. I wished I was around to have saved my son. But all I want for the government to do is to have her died in prison. I don't ever want to set my eyes on Louis. She has left me with lifetime pain and seeing her alive with my eyes will just killed me," stated the father of the deceased.

Meanwhile, the Spokesman of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Mr.Moses Carter, told the Heritage at the weekend that the case has been transferred to the Central Headquarters of the LNP on Capitol Hill, Monrovia for further investigation.


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