Police Chief Attacked

Police Chief Attacked

Montserrado County Electoral District #10 Representative, Yekeh Y. Kolubah, has launched a stinging attack on the Director of the Liberian National Police (LNP), Colonel Patrick Sudue, labeling him ( Colonel Sudue) as the “Chief Armed Robber” in Liberia.

Speaking to legislative reporters on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at the Capitol Building in Monrovia, Rep. Kolubah said given the fact that Police Director Sudue could plan an “unregistered gun” in his (Kolubah’s) vehicle suggests that he (Colonel Sudue) is the one breeding all the armed robbery across the country.

The Capitol Building is the seat of the National Legislature.

It can be recalled that following the forceful dispersing of the protesters on January 6, 2020, the LNP announced that it found several weapons, including a 9-Millimeter Lugar Black Pistol with one magazine and four rounds and a Barrister Pistol in two of the vehicles belonging to Rep. Yekeh of District #10, Montserrado County.

Following the announcement of the alleged discovery of firearms in two of the vehicles belonging to officials of the Council of Patriots (COP), Police DirectorSudue and the Director of the Executive Protection Services (EPS), Mr. Trokon Roberts, gave contradictory accounts regarding the incident.

In the police chief’s account, the vehicles were abandoned bythe protesters at the entrance of the Capitol Building and they (LNP) drove them to LNP Headquarters, which is within the same vicinity.

According to him, there he immediately ordered his officers to search the vehicles and while they were searching that was when they allegedly found the arms and ammunitions along with a knife and other deadly objects in the lawmaker’s official car marked ‘HOR 65.’

Based on the alleged discovery of the weapons, the police chief said he immediately halted the exercise and ordered his men to call the press to continue with the search in order to ensure transparency in the process.

“There were three vehicles that left behind, so we thought it wise to bring them at the basement and we checked the loading tuck and the white pickup, and we saw something like a fire arm,” he explained.

He continued: “So immediately, I put a halt to the search and asked that we called the press to come in and when the press came in, we took the weapon out and everybody saw the weapon with a knife. And in your presence we searched the second vehicle and one 9 millimeter pistol was found under the rug of the vehicle right in your own presence.”

Speaking further, Sudue noted that the Police decided to use the water cannon and teargas on the protesters after they refused to quench the fire they lit on the street passing between the Executive Mansion, the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court of Liberia.

In the process of quenching the fire, he claimed the protesters began attacking the Police and they (Police) had no choice but to move on them.

He blamed the protesters for provoking the police.

For the EPS Boss, immediately after the crowd was removed by the LNP, a source immediately called him and informed him that two of the cars used by the protesters had guns in them.

He claimed at first he was reluctant about the “intel” but after incessant calls, he decided to drive with few of his men to the LNP Headquarters on Capitol Hill.

According to him, upon their arrival, he ordered the highest-ranking officer onthe ground to search one of the impounded vehicles and when they discovered the pistols and the knife, he immediately called the deputy director for operation of the LNP, who was not on the scene of the alleged first search.

“I was home and got a tip off that the white pickup that Hon. YekehKolubah was using got a gun in it. I reluctantly contacted asenior security from the Drugs Enforcement Agency(DEA) and 102-deputy director for operations of the LNP,” Roberts asserted.

“There is no point in carrying the group to something you haven’t seen so when we drove at the LNP Headquarters, I asked for the senior Police officer on the ground to do us a favor. I told him it is believed that this car is carrying a weapon, and I instructed them to search it and in no time a guy found the pistol and it was loaded. While there, I decided to call 102, and he came and I told him that I was informed the second car is also carrying a gun, and I think you (journalists) saw for yourself that it was loaded.” He, among other things, added.

It can be further recalled that what initially started as a mass peaceful protest organized by the CoP on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2020, later turned chaotic in the evening hours of the day as officers of the Joint Security immediately began using teargas and a water canon to disperse the crowd.

The actions by the joint security were reportedly precipitated by the protesters’ insistence to cook their food and to spend the night at the protest venue until some of their demands were met or addressed by President George Manneh Weah.

The peaceful protest took place between the Executive Mansion, which is the official seat of Presidency, and the Capitol Building in Monrovia.

The (CoP), which is headed by popular talk show host, Mr. Henry Pedro Costa, said the protest was in continuation of the June 7, 2019 peaceful assembly aimed at calling on the government to address the economic hardship.

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