Liberian Businesswoman, Madam Vivian C. Wisner Liberian Businesswoman, Madam Vivian C. Wisner

Liberian Businesswoman Hails President Weah, But A Caveat

A Liberian businesswoman has hailed President George Manneh Weah for his continued pronouncement that Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy.

It can be recalled that during his recent Annual Message to the 54th National Legislature, President Weah reiterated that Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy, vowing that everything will be done by his administration to execute his solemn pledge.

The deliverance of the Annual Message by the Liberian leader to the 54th National Legislature is in fulfillment of Article 58 of the Constitution of Liberia, which is regarded as the organic law of the country.

This provision of the Constitution mandates the President, on the fourth working Monday in January of each year, to present the Legislative Program of the Administration for the ensuing session, and report to you on the State of the Republic, covering the economic condition of the Nation, including expenditure and income.

In an exclusive interview with this writer, Tuesday, January 28, 2020, Madam Vivian C. Wisner, however, encouraged President Weah to go beyond such continued public pronouncement with practical and action oriented work in the interest of the masses.

According to Madam Wisner, the intent of the President’s commitment maybe good, but actual implementation since his pronouncement during his inaugural address in 2018 and up till present is yet to be tangibly felt by the ordinary Liberian business people.

She observed that there are still huge challenges they are experiencing in the sector, especially with their foreign counterparts, something she noted, needs to be addressed.

“We are ready, prepared, but need government’s swift and direct intervention in all directions,” she stated.

The Liberian strong business woman and cement distributor encouraged the government through President Weah to now see the need to provide loans to Liberian Business people, because according to her, not all of them are fully strong financially, but if they are empowered by their country, they can make the necessary change on the local market.

She also observed that the country is getting better gradually, stressing that with more government’s backings, it can be further improved and the people in general will benefit immensely.

At the same time, Madam Wisner urged her fellow Liberians to work together in whatever way possible in order to help develop their nation, because it is their only Mother Land where they cannot be deported from.

She commended all Liberians for the level of peace in which they all are enjoying and wants them to help maintain and sustain it by engaging into positive initiatives and not negative ones that are counterproductive to the security and well-being of the nation and its people.

The business climate in Liberia, she intimated, is open, flexible, and therefore, she encouraged other Liberians to see the need to invest in the sector for the betterment of themselves and the country.

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