Amid Allegation of Death Threat Costa Vows to Return May

Amid Allegation of Death Threat Costa Vows to Return May

The head of the Council of Patriots (CoP), Mr. Henry Pedro Costa, has vowed to return to the country in May, amid allegation that the Government of Liberia(GoL) wants him dead.

It could be recalled that recently Costa was detained at the Lungi Airport in neighboring Sierra Leone following a communication from Liberia’s security authorities that he was a wanted man back home.

However, he was cleared to leave after claiming that his life was in danger in Liberia.

Costa told the BBC Friday, January 17, 2020 that he would be returning to his country later in May.

“I will return to my country in May of this year. Let them arrest me at the airport, charge me with whatever crimes, let them prosecute me. I will return,” said the CoP leader.

Costa, a fierce critic of President George Manneh and his government, was also accused by the Liberian government of using a falsified traveling document to enter the country, but has denied said claim, describing it as “bogus”.

“It is unfortunate and it is politically motivated and it is a cheap farce. I returned to Liberia on the 19th of December, presented to the immigration at the airport this particular document which they accepted, the validated, they stamped it and they allowed me entry into my country,” he asserted.

“The allegation of me faking a travel document is not true. It is because of the peaceful protest we had which embarrassed the government and the president about the scale of corruption and bad governance happening in our country with which we are very dissatisfied. Their reaction is based on that, nothing else,” he continued.

On the heel of the government’s allegation against him, Costa took serious issue with the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) -led Government for allegedly exchanging his document to a rather falsified one.

“Instead of the government accusing me of forgery, I am the one saying that the document they presented to me three weeks later, when I was about to leave the country to return to the US was not the same one that I presented to them three weeks earlier when I entered the country,” he, among other things, added.

Meanwhile, the Executive Mansion has since dismissed allegations by Costa and insinuations in the public space that the GoL had threatened his life.

The Executive Mansion, in a press release, said the GoL headed by Dr. George Manneh Weah respects the sanctity of human life and the fundamental rights of people and would always do everything to protect all citizens and foreigners within its borders without discrimination.

“Over the last 24 months, the Government has always demonstrated extreme tolerance by providing security for dissenting and agitating citizens and will continue to do so within the confines of the laws in the coming years. While the Government of Liberia has no means to regulate public opinions, particularly those placed on social media pages, it would like to encourage citizens to desist from making inflammatory statements that have the potential to undermine the security of the state and endanger the lives of the people,” the press release added.


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