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MYS Outlines Concept Note For Rehabilitation Of Disadvantaged Youth

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS)says it has written a ConceptNote to the United Nations for the rehabilitation and reintegration ofAt-Risk youth otherwise known as disadvantaged youth across the country.

According to the Ministry in a statement, the concept note is in pursuant to espouse its mandate and enhance youth empowerment and employment through skills training programs. 

The MYS statement asserted that the proposal, which is in two concepts,will concentrate on reintegrating and rehabilitating disadvantaged youth across the country through skills training programs.

“The first concept, which is a short-term program, would target at-risk youth who have gone through some forms of rehabilitation, either by a church program or organization program,and will be giving some vocational and technique skills to reintegrate and make them marketable in the society,” said the statement.

The second concept,the Ministry noted, is along-term program,which is aimed at rehabilitating and revitalizing the Youth Agriculture Training Center (YATC), where youth at risk or disadvantaged youth can be rehabilitated and be giving basis skills training in Agriculture, Tailoring Auto-Mechanic and Electricity.

Predicated upon the proposal, the Ministry said a team of UNFPA and UNDP representatives did an assessment in two ghettos in the Paynesville area to ascertain facts concerning the plight of the youth in those various ghettos.

“After the assessment of the two ghettos, UNDP Resident Representative, Pa Lamin Beyai and Dr. Bannet Ndyanabangi of UNFPA were sadden by the conditions of the youth in those ghettos and promised the disadvantage or at risk youth that the United Nations (UN) will work with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to develop and provide skills training that would reintegrate them in the society again,” the statement continued.

The Ministry disclosed that UN is currently running the Social Economy Empowerment of Disadvantage Youth program, which is a pilot project for those youth,who have rehabilitated themselves.

“Ministry of Youth and Sports will submit 165 of the rehabilitated youth to form part of the Social Economy Empowerment of Disadvantage Youth Program as requested by the UN,” asserted MYS.

“Indeed, the Senior Management Team had demonstrated and continues to demonstrate good leadership ability and strong wiliness to reduce unemployment and create an enabling environment for young people to have their say in national development,” added the statement.


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