Maryland County Supt. George Prowd, Grand Kru Senator Albert Tugbe Chie Maryland County Supt. George Prowd, Grand Kru Senator Albert Tugbe Chie

As Grand Kru Senator, Maryland Supt. Vow to Fight All Out -Land Disputes in Southeastern Liberia Deepen

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -Land disputes in southeastern Liberia, particularly in Maryland and Grand Kru Counties seem scaring and could degenerate into further chaos as top officials of contesting counties have made it clear to President George Manneh Weah that they will go all out to fight for their respective lands.

Speaking recently at a town hall meeting in Barclayville City, GrandKru County during the ongoing county tour of President Weah, Grand Kru County Senator Albert Tugbe Chie, who is also the president pro temopore of the Liberian Senate, voiced out that authorities of the county will fight to ensure that the county does not lose its territory. “Grand Kru County will not lose an inch of its territory,” said Pro Temp Chie. “What was known as Kru Coast Territory is what belongs to Grand Kru. Authorities will fight with all they have to claim and what belongs to them,” he stated.

Similarly, the people of Maryland County are also claiming the disputed site that borders the county with Grand Kru County. Superintendent George Prowd, while also speaking at a town hall meeting held by President Weah in Harper City, Maryland County with citizens of the county, asserted that the people of Grand Kru and River Gee Counties are always provoking Marylanders into conflict, stressing that Maryland will no longer accept disadvantage. “Maryland will not continue to accept advantage against it by two of our neighbors if quick intervention is not made in settling these land disputes,” he warned.

“Grand Kru and River Gee are embarrassing the people of Maryland and provoking them to tribal dispute,” Supt. Prowd intoned. He said River Gee, in particular, has tempted to go into tribal war due to the discovery of mineral in an area, which falls under the jurisdiction of Maryland. The local officials from the southeastern counties pointed out that the situation has created divisions among them for some times now. They averred that boundary harmonization has so far remained a challenge over the years, and they see the visit of President George Manneh Weah as a medium of putting an end to their lasting conflict.

The Gold mine region bordering River Gee and Maryland remains a center of dispute on one end while continue fighting between the people of Trehn Statutory District in Grand Kru and the people of Kaweyea Statutory District (Pleebo) in Maryland on the other hand are major centers of disputes, the local authorities said. Predicated upon this, the officials presented a petition to the Liberian chief executive for quick intervention. In their petition to President Weah, the citizens alarmed that if existing conflict between them is not addressed timely, it could further degenerate into a bigger problem.

The petition, read by the youth chair of Grand Kru, furthered that a week prior to President Weah's entry into their county, there was serious fighting that led to the burning down of houses at both ends of claims. “President Weah, like other speakers said, the need to timely intervene in settling this land conflict between the people of Grand Kru and Maryland Counties is of serious concern,” Dorris Nyanati, Grand Kru County Superintendent stressed. According to her, the people of Grand Kru have never gone beyond their territorial limits since its establishment as a county.

In remarks, President Weah said it was saddened for “little thing that does not matter” to continue to persist between counties that speak in similar tone. The Liberian leader then announced the setting up of a special dispute resolution committee that will be headed by Internal Affairs Minister, Mr. Varney Sirleaf to help resolve the situation.


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