Tackle The Growing Issue of Open Defecation With Urgency

Our attention is being drawn to the growing issue of open defecation in the country, particularly in populated communities in Monrovia and its environs, primarily due to insufficient public latrines.

We have learnt that some residents of populated communities, sometimes use plastic bags, rubber buckets and nearby bushes for defecation at night. The issue of open defecation, we further learnt, is becoming a serious problem, and if concrete steps are not taken urgently by the Government of Liberia (GoL) with support from its partners to tackle this bad habit, the sanitary conditions, especially in populated communities would worsen, thereby posing serious health hazard to the people. While we sincerely acknowledge the constraints of the GoL as it relates to the provision of social services, including latrines and safe drinking water, we think the speedy delivery of more public latrines, mainly in populated communities is of key necessity.

It is very important for the GoL to tackle the growing issue of open defecation urgently, as it is becoming a quagmire for many populated communities where public latrines are very scare. Frankly, if we must maintain a healthy environment, everything must be done urgently to ensure that more public latrines are constructed and existing public latrines, which are in terrible conditions, are also renovated. In the same token, we encourage community residents to buttress the efforts of the government by taking ownership of the already existing public latrines. By so doing, they-community residents will be helping to maintain these facilities for their own good. The government’s efforts will go in vain if the constructed public latrines are not well maintained by the people. Again, we call on the GoL to urgently address the growing issue of open defecation by constructing more public latrines.

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