Participants Pose For A Photo At The Launch of The Campaign Participants Pose For A Photo At The Launch of The Campaign

Chinese Businessman Sponsors Football Against Rape Campaign

MONROVIA,LIBERIA - The Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Liberia has vowed to make good on the commitment of His Excellency Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, to strengthen the already-firmed Africa-China relations through sports.

In commencing his drive to football development in Liberia, Chairman Qi Jinlong, committed the sponsorship of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Liberia, Z&C Investment Company and Z&H Investment Company to a local Liberian football team Football Club Gar’ou (FC Gar’ou), a club that has launched the football against rape campaign. Chairman Qi disclosed that there is immeasurable goodwill available to the continent of Africa from the People’s Government of China. According to Chairman Qi, he is committed to connecting such goodwill to the young people of Liberia.

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Boss also made known that there are millions of Chinese businesses that are seeking to establish partnership of any form with Liberian entrepreneurs, a reason that the Chamber of Commerce has been established in Liberia. “In making this public commitment as the Chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Liberia, I wish for Liberian youth to be aware of the enormous opportunities that they could make use of in China. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce is has been established to further promote the cordial relationship that already exists between our countries. Liberia is my second home and accordingly, I will support causes that strengthen China’s relationship with Liberia. I am also offering membership to the Chamber of Commerce to Liberian businessmen,” the Chairman further disclosed.

Speaking at the all-day sporting activities, Liberia’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff, General Prince C. Johnson, encouraged the youth to disengage from rape on grounds that rape affects both the victims and the perpetrators. Gen. Johnson said it is unfortunate for youth people who great bright future to see themselves engage in such devilish act. He stressed that rape is hideous crime which follows has penalty. He narrated that President George Manneh Weah has declared a ‘national emergency’ which should draws the attention of everyone, “the future of the young people in their hands. Please until marriage or encourage her acceptance and to our young women please dress responsibly to avoid being raped,” the chief of staff said.

Adding her voice to the awareness, the Managing Director of the National Housing Authority, Madam Cecelia Cuffy Brown, admonished the young men to serve as protectors for girls and create that kind community shield against rape.
She said that rape is demonic and satanic, which comes from the wicked operations of the devil and that good guys don’t rape. The General Secretary for Asia and Middle-eastern Affairs of the Economic and Trade Cooperation of African Youth (ETCAY), Zhou Dawei, who organized the sponsorship FC Gar’ou and Football against Rape Campaign, also expressed his delight in fulfilling the policy-commitment of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

“During the 2018 FOCAC in Beijing, our President Xi stated his hope to strengthen the China and Africa relations through sports. As one of the Chinese Youth, I would like to follow Xi’s suggestion to work closely with Liberian youth organizations to fulfill this pledge. It is no secret that soccer is the most populous sport in Liberia,” Zhou said. Meanwhile, Alvin Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of FC Gar’ou, has expressed his gratitude to the Chinese businessmen and philanthropists for the support to the team and their commitment to football development in Liberia.

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