Senator Karnga-Lawrence To Face Probe Over‘Unruly’ Behavior

Senator Karnga-Lawrence To Face Probe Over‘Unruly’ Behavior

The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has voted to set up a special committee that will probe into issue of ‘unruly’ behavior allegedly carried out by one of its colleagues, Grand Bassa County Senator NyonbleeKarnga-Lawrence.

Plenary is the highest is the highest decision making body of the Liberian Legislature.

The Grand Bassa County has been accused for physically attacking Montserrado County Senator Saah H. Joseph by pouring a cup of hot tea on him and raining invectives on him on grounds that he abnormally handled legislative proceedings at the Liberian Senate during the appearance of heads of public security apparatus and the Ministry of Justice to answer to the cause of increasing violence in the country.

The invitation extended to the heads of security agencies stemmed from a communication by Sen. Karnga Lawrence, with an addendum communication of support by Senators Darius Dillon, Company Wesseh and Daniel Naatehn ofMontserrado, River Gee and GbapoluCounties respectively.

But the presiding Sen. Joseph abruptly adjourned session after vote into a motion filed by Bong County Senator Henry Willie Yallah, for the matter to be sent to the relevant committees and the witnesses discharged.

Accordingly, in his letter to the Liberian Senate read during the 55th day sitting of the second session of the 54th Legislature, also accused the Grand Bassa County Senator of also issuing terroristic threat against him.

And following the reading of the letter, Senator DanMorias of Maryland County moved that a committee be set up to speedily, holistically and impartially investigate the claim made by the Montserrado County Senator against the Grand Bassa Senator.

“With the extent and the gravity of this complaint, we move that we do justice by constituting a committee that will probe into this matter-I mean a committee that will speedily, holistically and impartially report to the Liberian Senate,” added Sen. Morias in his motion.

However, Sen. Commany B. Wesseh, in disagreement to Sen. Morias’ motion, contended that issues of terroristic threats are not matter for Legislative discussion.

He asserted that while both persons are members of the Liberian Senate, said complaint belongs to the Liberia National Police (LNP) to investigate and not the Senate.

“For me, I don’t think this matter belongs here. It belongs to IG Sudue and not for the Senate,” stated Sen. Wesseh.

But Sen. Wesseh’s motion and all other motions were denied by the movant, thus leading to a voting process of hands count of Senators.

The result thereof was 10 Senators voting for the constitution of a committee to probe into the matter, while six Senators voted against and three abstained.


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