On Wonploe’s Allegation Against Presidency Executive Mansion Breaks Silence

On Wonploe’s Allegation Against Presidency Executive Mansion Breaks Silence Featured

MONROVIA,LIBERIA - The Executive Mansion, through its Presidential Press Secretary Office, has broken silence on allegation by the former Director of Passport, Mr. Andrew Wonplo, and media publications that the presidency ordered he ( Wonploe) to issue diplomatic passports to others, an alleged order Wonploe claimed he followed.

The allegation by Wonploe against the presidency has been greeted with mixed reactions, especially on social media, something that apparently prompted the Executive Mansion to break silence on the issue. The Executive Mansion is regarded as the seat of the Liberian presidency. Addressing Executive Mansion reporters Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Smitth Toby, described the allegation as a trash, asserting: “ He is writing and communicating trash”. According to Deputy Press Secretary Toby,  the allegation by the former passport director is not only false and misleading, but far from the reality. “ This is a complete trash and nonsense,” Toby pointed out.

He averred that the ex-passport director had all of the powers to interview, sign and issue passport to anyone and no one had the authority to do so besides him. He further averred that the former government official is fighting a losing battle and he is not surprise by his action. The deputy presidential press secretary wondered why people will always have the tendency to speak about ills in government after they had exited, but when they were government, they did not mention anything, terming this as unfortunate.“ Let him ask for forgiveness and maybe someone, somewhere will be around to see reason to pardon him and ask him to go and sin no more, But for now, all he is doing is to buy into public sentiments,” Toby added.

Wonploe, Toby disclosed, is his best friend and he allegedly wanted to take his family to the United States of America, but due to the decision of the US Government against him, he is allegedly confused, disturbed and is spilling out noting, but trash of which the President will not give any credence to. It can be recalled that recently, the Government of Liberia (GoL) re-indicted former Passport Director Wonplo along with eleven others linked to the alleged sale of Liberian passports. Wonplo was a fortnight ago denied entry into the United States of America due to his alleged involvement with passport fraud. A Write of Arrest, which has been issued, also listed the 11 persons in connection to the passport fraud.

According to the new indictment, the fraud has deprived the Liberian government over US$30,000. The writ comes in the wake of a new indictment drawn by the Ministry of Justice against the defendants. Defendants Wonplo was previously arrested in August 2019 for allegedly selling Liberian passports to Nigerians, Ivorian’s and Ghanaians. The new indictment pointed out that from 2018-2019, Wonplo received 4,250 blank passports for signatures and legitimate issuance. The indictment further stated that while in possession of the blank passports, defendant Wonplo allegedly conspired with Adedoyin Atiroko, Worjloh David Nippy, James Fallah, Johnson Anderson, Nmegatin Konneh and others to sell the passports.

The new indictment says there was an email exchange between defendant Wonplo and others for the alleged sale of the passports. Other defendants include: FarukKamara, RannieBinda, William Reeves, Anderson N. Mengatin, A. Konneh, and Marian S. Nimely and have all been charged with the commission Of Economic Sabotage, Theft of Property, Forgery and Criminal Conspiracy. Meanwhile, following the re-indictment of the defendants, trial will immediately began during the November Term of Court.



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