FLY Celebrates Int'l Day of Peace

FLY Celebrates Int'l Day of Peace

Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Federation of Liberian Youth ( FLY), Mr. Amos Williams, has committed the young people of Liberia to ensure the guarantee of Liberia’s peace process.

“We are working and will continue to work to ensure that we  promote and sustain the peace we all enjoyed today,” Williams stated. Speaking at a program in observance of the International Day of Peace, which was organized by FLY at the Friends of Friends Haiti Association on Carey Street in Central Monrovia, he stressed that the day comes as a reminder to the young people of Liberia that they are not just ordinary citizens, but citizens that should promote the culture of peace in everything they do because they create and embodies peace and security.  

The program was held under the theme: “Election is not war”. It brought together scores of young people in Montserrado County and beyond to create proper awareness and education on the importance of sustaining and maintaining the peace process of the country.

“As we look forward to yet another election, I call on every young person to see themselves as agents of peace and avoid been used for any act of violence or activity that threatens our stability as a country,” he emphasized.

According to Williams, election is not war, as such, he encouraged his members to  learn how to be independent of their thoughts, vote the right leaders, foster creativity, and declare violence as Liberia’s  number one enemy in all forms and manner. 
He used the occasion to call on the Government of Liberia(GoL) to always promote and protect the peace that brave men and women laid down their lives for over the years.
The FLY’s boss also commended the international partners for the investment made so far in Liberia’s peace-building processes, including their desire to continue supporting young people in the quest of promoting peace and stability in the country.  
“We must also reiterate that our government owes us by keeping us safe and creating a peaceful environment. It is time about time that national government continues to make peace a national priority and must commit itself to invest in our peacebuilding processes and collaborating with young people to drive Liberia’s peace agenda,” the head of the young people pointed out.

Also speaking at the program was ECOWAS Ambassador to Liberia, Baba Tunde Ajisomo and the Swedish Ambassador to Liberia Ingrid Wittervist.

The two ambassadors urged the young people of Liberia to be good agents of peace and engaged into meaningful ventures that will promote and protect the peace process of Liberia.

“ Do not allow yourselves to be used as instruments to commit violence,” the two diplomats further urged the young people.


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