Victim of Police Brutality Seeks Justice As City Solicitor “Blunders” 

Victim of Police Brutality Seeks Justice As City Solicitor “Blunders”  Featured

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - Following what has been described as total blunder by the Monrovia City Court by and thru the City Solicitor of Monrovia by issuing two separate writs on two opposing parties, one of the parties, a woman who complained of being assaulted by an officer of the Liberia National Police (LNP) has cried out for justice to prevail.

Madam Mariama Sheriff, according to documents in the possession of this paper, had complained to the LNP for being constantly harassed and assaulted by one of its officers in person of one Emmanuel Sieh.

Madam Sheriff, in her complaint, alleged that she was assaulted by Officer Sieh in May of 2018 following some verbal exchanges between them.

Aside from the complaint filed before the LNP against its officer, a medical document in the possession of this paper also revealed that the victim suffered multiple bruises on the arm and upper back secondary to beating, thoracic agony due to physical assault.

While Officer Sieh was reportedly suspended for several months following investigation into the complaint, the victim still complains that she’s still being harassed and threatened by the officer.

Predicated the alleged continued threat, she narrated and with supporting court documents, the matter was forwarded before the City Court of Monrovia.

Based on her complaint, a writ of arrest was issued on the police officer by the City Court.

However, while investigation into the matter was pending by the court, the city court also issued another writ of arrest, but this time in favor of the accused and against the complainant, something which legal pundits described as unusual.

The defense team of Madam Sheriff has also challenged the writ, which is said to have even been backdated on grounds that the court cannot hear two matters existing between two parties unless one is disposed of or is adjudicated.

“At this stage, one of the counsels for the defendant requests this Honorable Court and says that it observes from the records that there are two writs of arrest in the matter existing between Emmanuel Sieh and Madam Mariama Sheriff issued by this Honorable Monrovia City Court by and thru the offices of City Solicitor “One of the writs of arrest is charging Mr. Emmanuel Sieh with Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault, Power Theft and Theft of Property, while the second writ of arrest is charging Madam Sheriff with Criminal Coercion, was also issued by the said Monrovia City Court,” the lawyers notified the court.

“To our utmost surprise, Officer Emmanuel Sieh, being familiar with our criminal law and practices being a police officer, hurriedly rushed to the offices of City Solicitor for the issuance of a writ of arrest on Madam Mariama Sheriff on the 23rd day of October, A.D. 2019 naming her as defendant. In the same vein, Madam Sheriff also approached the very offices of the same City Solicitor of the said Monrovia City Court praying for a writ on Mr. Emmanuel Sieh, which was issued on the 28th day of October, A.D. 2019,” Madam Sheriff’s lawyer noted.

“Under our practices and procedure, one of these writs must be quashed or a nollieprosequoi entered into, where the City Solicitors and the Magistrate are satisfied. In the instance case, this was not done and the two writs of arrest are still pending before this Honorable Court (Monrovia City Court). Counsel there requests this Honorable Court for the issuance of subpoena ducestecum to be served on the Liberia National Police to allow them produce the investigative report which led to the suspension of Officer Emmanuel Sieh to be brought before this Honorable Court, which will serve as the basis of the quashing of the October 23, 2019 writ of arrest issued in favor of Officer Emmanuel Sieh,” the defense counsel added.

Despite these matters pending before the court, Madam Sherriff has reported that she is still being threatened by Officer Sieh, even though he (Sieh) no longer lives in the vicinity.

“My life is under total threat. This guy still threatens me. He continues to insult me and threaten to beat me. He sometimes comes at my house to attack me. I need justice to prevail,” indicated Mariama.

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