Ex-GT Bank Employee Gets US$250,000 As Damages Fees

Ex-GT Bank Employee Gets US$250,000 As Damages Fees Featured

The Judge of the Civil Law Court ‘B’, Scheaplor R. Dunbar, has ordered Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia Limited to pay US$250,000.00to former GT Bank employee, Mr. Sie Edward Freeman, as general damages for the injuries, humiliation, emotional distress and mental anguish he suffered as a direct result of the former Managing Director, Mr. Ayodeji Bejide violent assault.

The Civil Law Court “B” is situated at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill, Monrovia.

Judge Dunbar ruled that the Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia Ltd is adjudged liable to Freeman for the injuries he sustained on August 28, 2018 because there is no way the bank can argue that it is not vicariously liable for the injuries inflicted on Freeman by its then managing director, Bejide.

Judge Dunbar further ruled that it was the bank that employed defendant Bejide and subsequently brought him to Liberia to serve as its managing director.

More to that, the judge indicated that the wrongful conduct of assault on Freeman was carried out by Bejide on the bank’s premises during normal working hours and in the ordinary and normal course of duty.

"The clerk of court is ordered to prepare a bill of costs for taxing by the parties and approval by the court," the Civil Law Court “B”judge added.

It could be recalled that on August 28, 2018, the GT Bank Liberia former managing director Bejide, injured employee Freeman by throwing a calculator at him that caused serious injuries to his lips, while they were in a meeting in connection with GT Bank.

Freeman at the time shared a video on Facebook where he was bleeding from his lips in Bejide’s office after Bejide reportedly hit him with a calculator.

The video went viral, thus prompting officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to arresthim( Bejide). Bejide was subsequently charged with aggravated assault and forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution.

The court released Bejide shortly after he (Bejide) lawyers filed a US$50,000 bail in order to seek medical attention in Nigeria. Up to present, Bejide has not returned, prompting Freeman’s legal team to file a damage lawsuit against Bejide’s employer, the GT Bank.

During the argument, the bank contested against the inclusion of its name in the lawsuit. The bank argued that Freeman’s accusation that the bank was a party to the defendant was without any iota of truth because it was a mere allegation.

The bank contended that the belief that it was a party was mere speculation, assumption, and unfounded in law.

They also argued that if it had authorized the act of the defendant, it should have been investigated by the LNP officers and brought under the jurisdiction of the Monrovia City Court, “which is a clear indication that it did not authorize the alleged act of the defendant.”

While accepting the Judge’s ruling, the bank, however, through its legal team later, took an appeal to Supreme Court, which is regarded as the final arbiter of justice.



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