Criminal Court “C” Judge Nancy F. Sammy  Criminal Court “C” Judge Nancy F. Sammy 

Lawyers Warned Against ‘Unethical Acts’

Criminal Court “C” Judge has warned lawyers who are involved in unethical acts to desist, saying it has the propensity to undermine the integrity of the entire judicial system. Judge Nancy F. Sammy observed that some lawyers are involved in some unwholesome behavior, which is casting negative aspersion on the court, judges and entire judiciary.

Judge Sammy sounded the warning during the opening of November AD 2019 Term of Criminal Courts “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill, Monrovia.

Speaking on the topic: “The impact of our actions as stakeholders in the Judiciary,” the Criminal Court “C” Judge asserted that, “while it is true that lawyers are friends of the courts, if we are to rebuild confidence in our courts and roll back some of the negative perceptions that permeate the minds of some members of the public about the court, we must desist from unethical acts.”

“We must all rise to the challenge and stop these negative actions that have the tendency to cast negative aspersions on the court and the legal system and assist the court in ensuring in the effective administration of justice,” she pointed out.

According to her, judicial decisions must be based on the law, stressing that by doing so, the judiciary will gain credibility and the public will also have confidence to seek justice at the court whenever they have a legal problem.

Among other things, she added that judges and magistrates are not politicians, but rather they are dispensers of justice, and therefore, they must always ensure that justice prevails in every case that is brought before them. 

Meanwhile, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, Sr. has urged prosecutors and public defenders to always speak to the charge in the execution of their noble task.

Chief Justice Korkpor stated that the tradition of the court is to allow lawyers , public defenders and prosecutors speak to the subject matter rather than speaking on issue that is not part of the charge being delivered by the judge.

He thanked lawyers, judges, staff of the courts, jurors, party litigants, international partners and others for the level of support.

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