LCP Boss Ambassador Juli Endee LCP Boss Ambassador Juli Endee

Ambassador Endee Extols Outgoing Swedish Envoy Wetterqvist For Support to Liberia 

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -In order to recognize the effort of the outgoing Ambassador of Sweden to Liberia, the Executive Director of the Crusaders for Peace (LCP), Ambassador, Juli Endee, has extolled Ambassador Ingrid Wetterqvist for the numerous contributions and support to all sectors in Liberia.

"On this occasion, we want to thank Ambassador Wetterqvist for her remarkable contributions and service to Liberia, especially in the areas of peace, security, women leadership, empowerment, development, and social justice for our people and our country," Endee said. Speaking recently at a farewell fete in Monrovia  at the headquarters of the LCP on the Capitol Bye-Pass, Monrovia, Abm. Endee alongside the National Governors Council of Liberia certificated and crowned outgoing Ambassador Wetterqvist for the services  to Liberia.
"We remain thankful to the Government and people of Sweden for the level of support provided Liberia to achieve our common objective - peace and sustained democracy, as an institution, we want to thank the Embassy of Sweden for the partnership which gave birth to the Liberia. Elections Observation Network (LEON) which is a network of four national civil society organization, the Justice and Peace Commission (JPC),  Liberia Crusaders  For Peace (LCP), Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) and the National Union of Organization for the Disabled (NOUD)," she noted.
She said, “with this support through the Cater Center, you have made these CSOs to work together for the last 5-years on an election observation network, monitoring and observing elections across Liberia while advancing advocacy for women's rights in Liberia with no fear or favor for that we thank you.” "We want to say your personal respect for our chiefs and elders, women of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders, our Tribal Governors of the National Governors Council of Liberia and other women organizations and agencies will never go unnoticed," Endee emphasized.
According to her, the tittle and name Wetterqvist started to resonate in my mind, when I first heard you speak at a peace and development forum that was held in Sweden in 2018, under the theme: "The politics of peace with focus on the need to enhance conflict prevention and sustain the peace". "As I knew it, the forum was one of many efforts organized to confront the politics of peace by assessing how different policies and tools could be used to overcome political obstacles to build and sustain peace in complex environment and enhance dialogue, politics, diplomacy and the role of women,” Emdee pointed out.
She added that, “Ambassador Wetterqvist, as we bid you farewell, we sincerely wish you well in your next journey. let me say your work speaks for you as I reflected and wrote a song entitled: “Ingrid you are a woman of substance, you are a beautiful woman, Ingrid you came to Liberia to serve your country, but you served Liberia\; you made diplomacy true to Democracy, you served humanity so the ordinary people love you, having known you for a little over four years.” For her part, the outgoing Ambassador Wetterqvist expressed gratitude over the warm reception given to her by the Crusaders for Peace, adding, “This is my first time being an ambassador in my life and today is the first time to receive this kind of reception and honor in my life. I am grateful."
"I am grateful to the President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. George M. Weah and his cabinet ministers, civil society organizations for their cooperation since my being here in Liberia, thank for your hospitality Liberians." She further appreciated the Traditional Council of Liberia and the traditional leaders for the unique culture they continue to uphold in Liberia, most especially the performances of the crusaders for peace culture dancers. She said, "let me say in a Liberian way Your thank you plenty." Wetterqvist further expressed thanks for the coordination and partnership between the Swedish and Liberian governments, adding that “by receiving this honor today from the Crusaders for Peace is second to nothing else in my life, I thank you."


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