On Brownie Samukai Supreme Court Backs Lower Court Verdict

On Brownie Samukai Supreme Court Backs Lower Court Verdict

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The Supreme Court of Liberia, which is regarded as the final arbiter of justice in the country, on Monday, February 8, 202, confirmed and affirmed the verdict of the lower court convicting Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie Samukai, and others to two years imprisonment or the restitution of US$1.4 million.

It can be recalled that in March 2020, Mr. Samukai, Liberia’s longest serving Defense Minister along with Joseph F. Johnson, former Deputy Minister for Administration and J. Nyumah Dorkor, former Comptroller were all found guilty, but took an appeal to the Supreme Court, the final bus stop. The faith of the defendants was that the high court would overturn the lower court judgment. Criminal Court ‘C’ Judge Yamie Gbeisay sentenced Samukai and his deputy to two years imprisonment but with a condition to restitute US$1.3 million over a one-year period.

The prosecution, in its argument, among other things, contended that defendant Samukai and his co-defendants had no authority to use the AFL pension funds, but the defendants on the other hand, argued that the AFL pension funds were legally used for the intended purpose. Giving the verdict on behalf of the full bench of the Supreme Court yesterday, Justice Yusuf Kabah confirmed and affirmed the ruling of the lower court. Meanwhile, Justice Kaba, among other things, added that this will lead to the defendants incarceration in a common jail not specified and remain there until the full amount is paid or liquidated at the rate of twenty-five United States dollars per month as provided for by law.


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