Businessman Moses Ahossoule and owner of Diamond Mine Company Businessman Moses Ahossoule and owner of Diamond Mine Company

Diamond Mine Company Operating Illegally-Mines & Energy Ministry Confirms

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - An investigation conducted by this paper has uncovered that the Diamond Mine Company owned by Businessman Moses Ahossoule of the St. Moses Funeral Parlou and Abraham Samuels, a senior National Security Agency (NSA) officer as partner is currently operating illegally.

Our investigation, which was corroborated by the Assistant Minister of Mines at the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Emmanuel Swen, the company has no document neither any legal papers in their data base to authenticate its operations in Fuamah District, lower Bong County, even though they are carrying out mining activities. Speaking to our reporter via mobile recently, Assistant Minister Swen acknowledged the vulnerability in the sector due to multiple challenges, which they at the ministry continue to face, something he said others are capitalizing on at the detriment of the government and its people.

“The lack of inadequate supervision, monitoring and mobility among others are issues greatly affecting our sector as a result people do their own thing. However, we are working hard to address the situation soon,” Minister Swen told our investigation. Explaining further, he pointed out that individuals normally go at the Ministry of Mines and Energy to obtain the lowest of class -C License to operate, but at the end, get on the mining sites and mislead the locals, thereby operating as a company, which he said, is completely wrong. “I am not saying it is the case with the Diamond Mine Company, but it sometimes happens and could also be the case as well, ”he asserted.

“Additionally what I can safely say is that the Diamond Mine Company is not in our data base as it should be and for what reason I don’t know, as such, we do not know about their operations so whatever they are doing are illegal and we will get to the root of this, ”he added. The disclosure by Assistant Minister Swen came barley a day after local authorities at the mining site in Fuamah district also confirmed that they are not aware of the operations of the Diamond
Mine Company even though they are mining diamond in the area. The Diamond Mine Company owned by Moses Ahossoule and his NSA partner Abraham Samuels is the same company that hired the three men who mysteriously disappeared and were reported drowned though the family members of the three local contractors say their children are still alive, save and sound.

According to them, they classified their  children situation as “kidnapping, illegal restraint and hostage” taking as such demand their release soon. However, the police have confirmed through its spokesmen, Mr. Moses Carter, that one of the bodies, which the aggrieved family members claimed, is not theirs has been retrieved at the same site where the alleged incident occurred. In the wake of the saga, the vulnerability of the sector appears to be hugely affecting the people who should be benefiting from their natural resources, but are now gradually feeling the pinch.  Meanwhile, when contacted, Mr. Ahossoule refused to comment on the alleged illegal operations of his Diamond Mine Company, but maintained that he has no direct link to the reported mysterious disappearance of the three men for claimed ritualistic purposes even though they were hired by him to go and mine on October 17, 2020.

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