Ex-Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Administration Madam UnaKumba Thompson Ex-Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Administration Madam UnaKumba Thompson

Depoliticize Governance Issues, Ex- Deputy Foreign Minister Urges Duty Bearers

MONROVIA,LIBERIA - In a move to enhance effective governance, accountability and transparency related issues across the country, former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Administration, Madam UnaKumba Thompson, has underscored the need for duty bearers to depoliticize national issues for the betterment of the society.

“Let’s be practical, realistic and patriotic to our country and desist from exclusively politicizing just everything in the country,” she further underscored. In an interview with our reporter on Tuesday, October 6, 2020, she pointed out that it is time that national leaders be truthful to the country and engage into activities that will bring tangible results in the supreme interest of the people. The former deputy foreign affairs minister for administration, who spoke on several national issues, urged  duty bearers to strike the balance and do away with what she referred to as “selective decisions”, which she noted, have not taken the country anywhere. “ Let’s fight corruption holistically and not selectively,” the former government official during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf asserted.

On the issue of accusations, she encouraged policymakers to do facts checking and do proper and independent investigation and release findings to the public order than leaving the public in suspense. At the same time, the lead women advocate  praised President George Manneh Weah and his government for the recent decision to declare Rape and Sexual, Gender Based Violence as national emergency, including pledging his government’s full support in fighting the menace in society. However, she urged the President and the current administration to be more practical and implement exactly what they said than just empty talks. On the diplomatic scene, she wants government not to appoint people in diplomatic missions outside of national budget.

Such situation, she accentuated, is wrong, and a violation of the rights of the diplomats who will have to struggle for rent, salaries and many others. “Poverty takes the face of women and children in Liberia and it is time to help address said issue and protect and support them in order for them not to be vulnerable in society always,” Madam Thomas added.

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