Veteran Liberian Journalist, Mr. Martin Nagbe Browne Veteran Liberian Journalist, Mr. Martin Nagbe Browne

Liberian Journalist Recommends Legislation On Advertisement to Ensure Media Survivability

MONROVIA,LIBERIA - As the country and other key sectors are said to be battling in terms of financial support  so is one of the key pillars of the society, the media. The Liberian media, unlike other sectors of the country, is “very poor and is barely surviving on handouts” , a situation that is leading to the mass exodus of professional journalists from the sector, thereby entering into government circle  and as well providing  public relations services at the expense of their real passion. “ I know there is no law on the books that compels businesses to advertise with the media, but in other countries, you will have to show your advertisement budget because that is the only way the media survives,” said veteran Liberian Journalist, Mr. Martin Nagbe Browne.

In an interview with our reporter on his profile, Browne pointed out that the media in Liberia is poor, unlike other countries and if it should survive, then it is important to have a legislation that will compel businesses to advertise with the local media. He observed, unlike the GSM companies , there is no competition on the local market, as such, other businesses with emphasis on Monrovia Breweries do not see the need to advertise with the media. However, he expressed the hope that in the near future,  the government can improve on its economic outlook so that the media too can benefit, but for now, things are challenging.  Commenting on the media performance generally,  he stressed that, unlike in the past,  standards have dropped drastically though there are number of journalism and other media training schools around the country, unlike before, he wondered why. He named profanity, wrong pronunciations, poor grammar and many others as issues on the radio, something he described as sad and needs to be corrected.

The seasoned communicator mentioned that people now a days do not discuss issues on the radio rather personal and dominant political issues. “ Too much politics, everyone wants to be a politician because of free money,” he averred.
According to him it is time that people shift a bit from politics and diversify by looking  into other key sectors, including agriculture, entertainment and other innovative initiatives in order to help move the country forward. Comparing the traditional media to the new and or social media, he admitted that there is now a huge competition in the sector,  especially with the social media competing with the traditional media on business related purposes. “ I don’t know how far it will go ( Social Media), but I am certain that the radio, which we usually considered as a blind and half deaf medium will still have a place in the society,” he noted. According to him, there are others who are still interested in hearing him on the radio and he is giving such request a thought, but his real concern, however, is now on the audience maintenance.

“ If I may come back, I need to be regular even for once a week or so and I also need a partner preferably, a female to balance the show and to ensure that in my absence, she can continue the program,” Browne told our reporter. The veteran Liberian broadcaster and media executive has over the period made significant impacts in the sector and has trained and groomed current practicing and former journalists in  Liberia and beyond. He once worked at the Liberia Broadcasting System and gained fame in the sector when he introduced the famous MB show on ELBC and later rose to the position of Deputy Director General for Broadcasting at the LBS. Due to his performance and experience in the sector, Browne had the opportunity to manage the former Ducor Broadcasting Corporation ( DC-101.1FM) and is currently in order to fulfill his dream, the owner and Chief Executive Officer  of Sky Communications Incorporated (Sky FM/TV) respectively.

The gifted and versatile Liberian, who hails from Maryland County at the age of nine, suffered a third degree burn in his home town, while trying to prepare water for his father and had to spend almost over a year in hospital, something that eroded his confidence among his friends, but he later on used his numerous skills including singing, playing guitar, football, basketball and table tennis to win back his confidence and fame  amongst his peers.
Still strong and moving on, Browne is willing and always prepared to educate and or train other young Liberia journalists who will be available to drink from his fortune of journalism and English knowledge.

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