Madam Maidem (R), And WASH Commission Head, Bobby Whitfield Breaking Ground For The Project As Others Look On Madam Maidem (R), And WASH Commission Head, Bobby Whitfield Breaking Ground For The Project As Others Look On

Residents of Rock Hill Happy Over Water Project

PAYNESVILLE, LIBERIA - The Rock Hill Community on the GSA Road in Paynesville, outside Monrovia was a scene of jubilation as residents danced to the good news of a ground breaking ceremony of a water project that would supply the entire community with water.

Since its establishment, the Rock Hill segment of the GSA Road Community has not benefited from the provision of safe drinking water as several past projects for water have failed due to the landscape of the community.However, following an intervention of Liberia’s First Lady, Madam Clar ‘Marie’ Weah, through her charity group, the Clar Hope Foundation (CHF) with technical support from the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Commission (WASH Commission) as well as financial and logistical support of other other partners, broke grounds for the major water project.

As part of the project, a reservoir will be constructed that will pump water into poly tanks to ensure that water remains in the community. Speaking at program marking the launch of the project, the Chief of Office Staff of the First Lady, Madam Gaelle Mediem, said the initiative was in response to a request by a young organization, named and styled: “Light of Weah” following a fact-finding survey by the group in the community.

She pointed out that the initiative, which is aimed at enabling residents of the community to have access to safe drinking water, is a clear indication of the love and care that the First Lady has for Liberians. “The First Lady loves you and what you are seeing here today is a clear indication of her love to you. She too, feels your pains; she cares about your well being as a people, because she believes that no one should lack safe water supply,” she among other things added.

In remarks, a representative of City Alliance, Mr. Fred Adankwa, stressed that the project was significant for the people of Rock Hill and the GSA and other adjacent communities, nothing that though most often overlooked, water is a fundamental human rights. He vowed his organization’s commitment to remain engaged with the community as the project is being undertaken and even beyond.

“For us, we got involved as a result of a request from WASH Commissioner through its Covid-19 Response pillar, under which targets 40 multipurpose water [projects] in Monrovia and Paynesville. We believe that basic services that come to people must be at standard, and such, quality must be assured. We are going to support targeted and sustainable intervention,” he stated. Mr. Hilton McArthur, Dep. MD for Technical Services of LWSC, in remarks called on residents of the community to maintain the facility when constructed, at all times.

He lauded the Clar Hope Foundation for leading a process that is geared towards bringing true hope of the Rock Hill Community residents.Me anwhile, other organizations that are supporting the initiative include: Action Against Hunger (AAH) and Abundant Rain.

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