I Will Not Step Aside - Koijee Vows

I Will Not Step Aside - Koijee Vows

Despite calls from some quarters of the Liberian society for the Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), Mr. Jefferson Tamba Koijee, to step aside from the active case finding and contact tracing program of the coronavirus disease (covid-19), the MCC boss has dared all odds that nothing will take him from there.

Mayor Koijee bragged that his involvement on the program is in the best interest of the Liberian people, and therefore, he, including his trained staff, will not leave the program.

It could be recalled that in April of this year, the MCC and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) trained 6,000 persons to serve as contact tracers and active case finders in response to the coronavirus pandemic in the country that has since ravaged the world since November of 2019.

But the recruitment of the 6,000 persons was greeted by public misconception.

Some claimed that the MCC was not a reputable entity to partner with NPHIL for such health emergency, while others on the other hand, accused the pair (MCC and NPHIL) of sidelining the over 2,000 trained contact tracers during the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

The head of NPHIL, Dr. MosokaFallah, was also accused of using his former NGO, Rescue Place International (RPI) to lead the effort of recruiting the 6,000 active case finders, something they termed as a “conflict of interest”.

But Dr. Fallah rubbished the accusations and challenged his accusers to substantiate their claims with incontrovertible evidence.

Speaking recently at a news conference, Koijee said despite wide public misconceptions, there is nothing wrong for him, as a mayor, to be part of a program that is geared towards saving lives.

According to him, several other Mayors across the globe have, and continue to play leading role in the fight against the deadly global pandemic.

“I have not done anything wrong. As leaders of our people, I think our involvement with this program is very important,” said Koijee.

“And let me state here very clearly, in as much I am doing the right thing, I will not seek permission to do what is appropriate for my people,” the mayor asserted.

Speaking further, the MCC boss denied report by this paper that the World Health Organization (WHO) had recommended the removal of the MCC from the covid-19 program.

“I have been in series of meetings in recent times and the WHO has been part of those meetings, and nothing of such has been brought to our attention. If that is a request, we have not been told,” he intoned.

However, he acknowledged part of the report that the MCC has not received a dime from the donor for the payment of staff (active case finders and contacts tracers) even though he did not state the reason why.

MCC is implementing the program through a collaborative effort with the Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP).

While lauding the young men and women for their job well done thus far, Mayor Koijee accentuated that the MCC is yet to receive a single penny for the payment of the over 6,000 staff.

“We have not received a penny. And I will say it for the record, those [people] working out there, we have yet to pay them or give them a penny,” emphasized Koijee.

He disclosed that bulk of the materials and equipment being used so far in the process was provided by the business community, who, according to him, has stood strongly with the city government in the fight against the disease.

Koijee, who did not even give any hope as to when the active case finders and contacts tracers will ever get their pay, added that he will not seek permission to do what is appropriate for his people.


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