To Promote Inclusive Development - Women Coalition Launched

To Promote Inclusive Development - Women Coalition Launched

In a bid to enhance inclusive development through the involvement of women in the County Social Development Fund (CSDF), a group under the banner Women Coalition for County Development (WCCD) has been launched.

WCCD is a conglomeration of 34 women organizations across the country.

Speaking at a news conference and official launch of the organization on Thursday, July 18, 2019, the Coordinator of WCCD for Montserrado County, Madam Miatta Darwolor-Thomas, noted that intent of the group is to push women’s issue to the height in the implementation of the CSDF, especially with women being highly represented at the county sitting.

She said while the CSDF has a good intent, its implementation has been largely exclusionary, especially for vulnerable women and groups.

According to her, the group sees the CSDF as a development framework intended to improve the living standard of all citizens through locally driven initiatives that bring services closer to communities.

“As a Coalition, we are concerned about the trend and have determined that there is a need for an approach that integrates women, girls and other vulnerable members of the society. We believe that diversity and an open access that allow for more citizens to give their views on the direction of development at the county level will yield far better results and make the CSDF more responsive to the needs of citizens, including women and girls,” said Madam Darwolo-Thomas.

“We do not take for granted or dismiss efforts that have been made as a result of the CSDF. However, if we can produce a whole cake, why settle for a slice? The CSDF is for citizens, thus it will benefit us women, in particular, if we have a permanent seat and voice at the county to articulate our issues,” she continued.

“We interact with women in communities across our various counties and are aware of burning issues that concern women. We are ready and willing to work with the Legislative caucuses, superintendents, the CSDF teams to shape the development agenda, and to educate citizens about the importunities borne by the CSDF and how participating can benefit this effort,” she stated.

Among other things, Coordinator Darwolo-Thomas on behalf of the group urged relevant authorities to be more transparent about the process by providing proper education and increasing information access to women and other citizens.

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