Elder Forkpa Gizie and Some Lofians at the press conference Elder Forkpa Gizie and Some Lofians at the press conference

Lofa Will Pay Last Penny For Samukai -Says Solidarity Group

LOFA COUNTY, LIBERIA -Following recent ruling by the Supreme Court of Liberia against Lofa County Senator-elect J. Brownie Samukai,  Jr. to restitute US$1.4M or go to jail for two years, some citizens of the county in solidarity with their elected Senator say they will obey the mandate  of the Supreme Court by restituting the money even with their last penny.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, February 13, 2020 at the Unity Party (UP) Headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia,  the official spokesman and head of  the elders council to the solidarity movement, Forkpa Gizie, said they are supporting Samukai because all through his( Samukai) service to the Government of Liberia for the past over 30 years, he has never been involved in any act of corruption. "We believe in his ability to defend and articulate the voice of Lofa County which made thousands to vote in his favor. With that, we are prepared to stand with our Senator-elect to the very end with our lives and blood if need be," Mr. Forkpa stated.

He said while they respect the opinion of the Supreme Court,  the confirmation and affirmation of the Lower Court ruling was a politically motivated, selective and was orchestrated by the Executive Branch of government and implemented by a compromised judiciary whose integrity and neutrality is questionable. "We respect the ruling of the Supreme Court but we are equally disappointed and frustrated in the ruling handed down against our beloved Senator- elect Samukai," he said. Forkpa recalled that during the trial, both prosecution and defense teams clearly showed that Senator-elect Samukai and others convicts never used any penny of the said amount for which they are accused of,  rather all funds in question were used on the mission and welfare of the army for which they took oaths.

Additionally, he said Mr. Samukai took directive from the Commander in Chief at that time, former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to use the money and she promised to pay back later. Forks also recalled President Weah and former President Sirleaf along with the former Defense Minister decided that the Government of Liberia was going to pay back the AFL pension funds that was use on the AFL by the former President's order through budgetary allotment. He furthered that from the word of President Weah, he instructed the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning or MFDP to pay US$460,000 (Four hundred and Sixty thousand United States Dollars of the AFL pension fund.

"Mr. President why abandoned the payment you started? The only crime Senator-elect Samukai committed was his refusal to join the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). We see this as a complete political witch-hunt against him," the Lofa County elder asserted.


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