LWSC Boss Mr. Duannah A. Kamara LWSC Boss Mr. Duannah A. Kamara

As Another Major Breakdown Hits LWSC, No water for Bushrod Island Communities

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The management of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) has announced a major rapture or breakdown of its sixteen inch (16”) transmission pipeline.

The situation, which occurred during the early hours of Sunday, January 17, 2021, now impedes the supply and distribution of water to several communities on the Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia. LWSC’s Communication Director, Mr. Nimpson Todd, blamed the rapture or breakdown to what he calls an old aged infrastructure. “ We have said it over and over , our system is old and rotten , it needs to be changed immediately,” Todd said in a frustrating tone on Sunday. The breakdown of the Corporation’s Sixteen inch transmission (16”) pipeline means there will be no water supply to the entire Bushrod Island and its adjacent communities, including Virginia, Hotel Africa, Brewerville, Caldwell and the Tweah Farm Community.

Todd, however, refused to state how long these communities will be without water, nothing that LWSC technicians were assessing the damage for what he calls “ a rapid repair.” “We are frustrated at this point, I cannot state the level of damage and how long our people will be without water; our technicians had to leave their families on today Sunday to get into the bushes to assess the level of damage after which I can state how long we will able to supply our people,” the LWSC Communication Director told the media. According to him, the current infrastructure at the Corporation has outlived it’s useless and there is a rapid need for the system to be replaced.

“Since 1967, the current system at LWSC has been in existence serving the Liberian people, it’s about time that this old aged infrastructure be replaced to meet with the current population size of our city and its surroundings,” he narrated. The LWSC Spokesperson pointed out that at the time the infrastructure was constructed, it was meant to serve about four hundred thousand (400,000) inhabitants and had a lifespan of twenty -five ( 25 ) years, but unfortunately, the system is currently serving over one million (1m) inhabitants and had lasted for over fifty (50) years.

But Todd reaffirmed the corporation’s commitment to restoring water supply to the affected communities in the soonest possible time . He said water is life and the management does not take pleasure in reneging on its responsibilities. “At this point , I like to announce that His Excellency, our President George Manneh Weah has himself expressed the need for the infrastructure to be replaced so as to enable the LWSC serve his people well without hindrance,” Todd disclosed. According to the LWSC chief spokesman, the World Bank has also committed itself and approved some funding towards procuring a new transmission system for the LWSC.

“ The problem with our system is not this government but this government is making frantic efforts to have the entire system replaced,” Todd asserted. “Though I cannot state now how long the affected communities will be without water but I can assure the public and the areas in question that water is coming soon,” Todd said optimistically. It can be recalled that the management of the LWS has made repeated calls to national government and donors to assist in replacing the current transmission facilities at the Corporation. LWSC has had incessant breakdowns of both its thirty- six and sixteen inch ( 36 & 16 ) transmission pipeline due to what the Cooperation calls “ old aged Infrastructure.”

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